Monday, April 15, 2024

AnimatedReality system, built by PeopleVisionFX, bestowed with EXHIBITORLIVE Buyers Choice Award

PeopleVisionFX’s new AnimatedReality system has received the coveted EXHIBITORLIVE Buyers Choice Award. The technology was selected from the New Product Showcase entries representing the display and event industry’s newest innovations at EXHIBITORLIVE. Display and event professionals from a variety of industries served on the judging panel.

AnimatedReality allows for holographic elements that are fully integrated within real physical environments. Images can be produced in virtually any size — all without the need for any special headgear.

AnimatedReality is specifically designed for in-person experiences at themed attractions, museums and special events.

Wayne Sullivant, president of PeopleVisionFX says that the development of AnimatedReality was prompted by the need to communicate with an audience that can be unimpressed with traditional media. According to Sullivant, “AnimatedReality utilizes holographic images to attract an attentive audience and engage the audience in a fun, interactive involvement with any presentation.”

Sullivant continues, “We’re honored to be among the innovative competitors in the New Product Showcase and we’re thrilled to receive this award.”

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