Friday, March 1, 2024

Betson Sells 1,000th Unattended VR Unit

Betson Enterprises, the worldwide leader in arcade distribution, achieved the milestone of selling its 1,000th unattended virtual reality arcade game last month. This includes games such as Raw Thrills’ King Kong of Skull Island VR, LAI’s Virtual Rabbids, Triotech’s Storm, and titles from other suppliers. 

“Virtual Reality has been a buzzword in our industry for several years,” said Kyle Berger, Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Betson Enterprises. “As a distributor, finance company, and an organization focused on our customer’s success; we took our time onboarding these new VR products. The result is that the VR games we’ve sold have been long-term top earners in their locations and will remain that way for years to come through factory reinvestment in new content.”

“When LAI Games created the category of Unattended VR with Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, Betson saw the opportunity for its customers and put their sales and financial resources behind it,” said Chris Brady, Senior Vice President of Sales, LAI Games.

“Triotech entered the unattended VR market with Storm, which has proven to be a solid earner. Betson put its marketing, sales team, and financial power behind distributing Storm, successfully creating a synergy of unattended VR experiences,” said David Swafford, Sales Director, Triotech.

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