Thursday, May 6, 2021

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Guests take to the skies with Birdly VR

D3D Cinema, in partnership with SOMNIACS, announces the latest addition to the North American Birdly network at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).  The DMNS joins a community of museums and science centers across North America and the world, including the Tech Interactive in San Jose, the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Science World at TELUS World of Science in Vancouver, the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, and dozens more across the globe as hosts to the this unique virtual reality attraction.

“We just installed Birdly a few weeks ago and it’s already a hit,” said Eric Boen, Director of Technology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  “It’s truly unlike any other virtual reality experience on the market, both in terms of its immersive nature and the quality of programming.  Everyone from children to grandparents have been thrilled to fly as a pterosaur in Birdly’s Jurassic Flight experience, and we are pleased.”

“We’re so excited that the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has joined the Birdly network,” said Mark Katz, SVP at D3D Cinema.  “Over the past year, we’ve been continually expanding our footprint, developing more mission-focused content for the Birdly platform in an effort to bring this incredible experience to the leading sources of inspiration in our communities – museums.  Just as immersive cinema swept the museum community in the 90s and has inspired generations of kids and adults since, we’re confident that premium VR experiences such as Birdly will inspire the next generation of museum-goers, both complementing and invigorating the overall visitor experience and drawing new crowds as a result.”

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