Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Attractions Industry Veteran Carolyn McLean Joins Weber Group as Director of Communications & Business Initiatives

PHOTO courtesy Weber Group

Louisville, KY, USA — Weber Group announces Carolyn McLean as the new Director of Communications & Business Initiatives.  Carolyn, as well as the position itself, are both new to the Weber Group.

Carolyn and family relocated to Metro Louisville from Charlotte, North Carolina. She will be responsible for leading strategic development, public relations programs and bolstering sales to achieve Weber’s goals in the Culture, Leisure and Entertainment industries.  Carolyn will work closely with Marketing in planning and programming external communications, media relations, and brand development.

Her former roles include Vice President of Corporate Communications for Cedar Fair Entertainment and Director of Communications for Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

Carolyn’s role is to provide a direct line of communication for Weber’s clients throughout the evolution of projects. She can be reached at Carolynmclean@webergroupinc.com and 812-246-2100 EXT: 125.

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