Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cruden’s New Entertainment Simulator Division to Launch at IAAPA Attractions Expo with VR Motorbike Simulator

Den Ilp, The Neterlands — Cesys – the new name for Cruden in the attractions industry – will reveal its new, virtual reality motorbike simulator experience on booth #2065.

Cruden will launch its new Cesys entertainment systems division to the global attractions industry at the IAAPA Attractions Expo with the unveiling of a new motorbike simulator.

The motorbike is a completely new, interactive, motion simulator concept that will see two riders pitched head to head on real Yamaha R6 machines, using the latest virtual reality. (VR)


Unlike other “gaming” or arcade-style motorbike simulators on the market, the Cesys Motorbike Simulator uses a high-end combination of steering-force feedback through the handle bars and body tracking technology where multiple cameras monitor the rider’s position relative to the motorbike. The position signals are an important secondary input into the motorbike simulation model, increasing realism and immersion.

The Cesys Motorbike Simulator uses a 2-DOF motion base, allowing it to provide spectacular acceleration, jolting crashes and g-forces around the sharpest bends. With a functioning throttle, hand brake, foot brake, clutch and shift lever, the simulator behaves like a real motorbike.

The Cesys Motorbike Simulator uses motion sensors inside the headset to enable the rider to look around while driving, with images also influenced by steering movements. It uses the latest version of the Oculus Rift HMD, chosen for its resolution, comfort and integrated headphones.

“Building on more than 15 years’ experience developing motion-based technology, Cesys has taken a unique approach to creating a realistic, affordable motorbike simulator,” explains Cesys general manager, Reinder Holtkamp. “There is nothing like this available on the market and we’re looking forward to the interest at the IAAPA Expo.”

‘Creating innovative entertainment solutions through imagination & motion-based technology’


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