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d3 Products to Resale in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand Through Acoustic & Lighting

ABOVE: Chris Bird (Sales & Marketing Director d3 Technologies) & Eugene Yeo (Business Development Manager from Acoustic & Lighting System) 

London, UK (May 19, 2015) — The network of d3 Technologies’ resellers continues to grow with the addition of Acoustic & Lighting System Pte Ltd., which will look after new customers for d3 media servers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  In recent months d3 Technologies has also named Stello and Bright Group as its resellers for France and Norway and Finland, respectively.

Headquartered in Malaysia with regional offices in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, Acoustic & Lighting System (A&L) is one of the leading distributors or audio, lighting and visual products in Southeast Asia.

“Our new partnership with d3 is exciting and challenging,” says Eugene Yeo, business development manager at A&L.  “As current show designs get more dynamic and sophisticated with extensive use of higher pixel density LED screens and projectors together with massive quantities of lighting fixtures, it is very critical for production directors to see the entire design and scope of projects during earlier phases.  The realtime 3D simulation in d3 allows users to simulate projectors, map contents on 3D objects and LED screens, and sequence the show before they even step foot at the venue.”

Yeo notes that d3’s “4x4pro, its configurable VFC card outputs, and its ability to push every pixel are vital as demands for video content resolution climb ever higher.  That’s the power of d3 that we know will be a game changer in the market.”

A&L will begin introducing d3 to the marketplace by expanding customers’ knowledge of the system.  “We will put in a lot of time and effort to educate different users on the features of d3, since it is still less well-known in this region,” says Yeo.  “However, given the capabilities of d3, users will soon discover the wide array of solutions that can be achieved once they master the system.”

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