Thursday, April 22, 2021

D3D to Distribute Birdly Virtual Reality Attraction in North America

Evanston, IL, USA — D3D Cinema is proud to present a truly exhilarating virtual reality experience for museums, zoos, science centers and special attractions.  Introducing Birdly®, a one-of-a-kind full-body virtual reality (VR) birdflight simulator coupling robotics and simulation technology to deliver an experience like none before.

Unlike a common flight simulator that requires a joystick, mouse and/or numerous buttons, Birdly® operators command their flight experience instinctively with arms and hands – movements correlated to the flapping of wings and manipulation of primary feathers for speed, altitude and navigation. Each input is reflected in the virtual flight processor and returned as physical feedback through pitch, roll and heave movements.  The result of Birdly’s® precise sensory-motor coupling – including headwind simulation, 3D audio, and visual impact – is “an exhilaration that is simply breathtaking…”

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D3D Cinema joins forces with Somniacs, the creator of Birdly, to bring this unique VR experience to North American audiences. D3D will serve as the official reseller of Birdly® throughout the territory for special attractions and public non-profit institutions (museums, zoos, science centers, aquaria, gardens, etc) as well as offer customized VR content production for the Birdly® interactive platform.

“Birdly generates a buzz like no other VR and will provide a truly exhilarating experience for museum and zoo audiences,” said Don Kempf, president and founder of D3D Cinema.  “These units always draw a crowd and light up social media.  Aside from demand, there is no limit to the interactive storytelling, both entertaining and educational, that Birdly® can deliver, which I find to be tremendously exciting.  Immersive cinema has long served as an important vehicle for lifelong learning content.  If immersiveness and learning are correlated, Birdly just set a gold standard.  It simply has to be experienced!”

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