Wednesday, April 14, 2021

D3D Open Giant Screen Dome Theater System at Chicago’s MSI

D3D Cinema, in partnership with Christie®, is proud announces that the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) opened their new laser-illuminated, ultra-high resolution dome projection system to visitors on Memorial Day to great acclaim from both audiences and local media outlets.

D3D and Christie recently installed the new system in MSI’s five-story domed theater which features ultra-high 6K resolution, high frame rate capability (up to 120 fps), and supreme contrast ratios. The state-of-the-art lasers are capable of delivering up to 150,000 lumens on the dome with a brilliant expanded dynamic range and color gamut far beyond the capabilities of film-based and xenon-illuminated projection systems.  The audio upgrade will feature a dome-optimized surround-sound speaker array delivering 25,000 watts of power.

“It’s spectacular.  Really, it’s just incredible,” said Gil Perez, Director of Film & Guest Operations at MSI.

“The giant dome experience has always been incredibly unique – the sensation of immersion is unparalleled, and it has never been so powerfully delivered than with this new system,” said Derek Threinen, Vice President of Business Development for D3D.  “Audience response has been fantastic – they love the magical sensation of being transported to another place by the bright, clear and colorful ultra-high resolution images, and being surrounded by breathtakingly rich surround sound.  We’re so pleased that MSI has chosen to bring this exciting new technology to Chicago, to provide these exciting and memorable experiences to a new generation of visitors to their theater.”.


Christie Takes Attractions to 120fps

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