Saturday, April 17, 2021

Efteling Employs VR Solution to Enable Disabled Guests to Experience Landmark Attraction


In spring 2018, Efteling‘s top attraction Dreamflight (Droomvlucht) will become accessible for disabled visitors through virtual reality. At present, Droomvlucht is the only top attraction at the Dutch theme park that, for safety reasons, is not accessible for handicapped visitors. The indoor dark ride Droomvlucht offers a flight through a world of dreams and fairytales, where fairies and forest animals come to life. In ‘virtual Droomvlucht’ all the senses will be  teased with virtual reality and other techniques. Disabled visitors will see, feel, smell and hear the same scenes  as their group, who will be experiencing the attraction at the same time. Besides the VR goggles, visitors are connected with their party by headphones and microphones, so they can experience the attraction together. The concept was created by one of Efteling’s employees.

Fons Jurgens, President and CEO of Efteling, says: “We want everybody to have a wonderful time in Efteling, including disabled visitors. Until now, VR was an individual experience, but with the help of other techniques, we can now create a group experience. Being able to communicate with each other during the ride and sharing the experience is most important. This really is what Efteling stands for. I am very proud of our colleague Freek Teunen who thought of this idea and shows how our employees are constantly in touch with our guests and know their needs and wishes.”


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