Sunday, April 11, 2021

Eleetus announces New Simulator System for Motion Based Gaming

Ottawa Lake, MI, USA — Eleetus, a young company specializing in multidimensional motion based gaming and entertainment, has announced the release of the Eleetus Simulator. The Eleetus Simulator brings new levels of experience to gaming and virtual amusement rides, including a seat with forty degrees of pitch and roll, surround sound, and a three monitor display. The brainchild of Bill Bales, the former founder of companies which produced Microsoft Golf and aboutGolf PGA TOUR Simulators, the Eleetus Simulator also performs as the most robust auto racing and flight simulator in its price class.

“Eleetus looks to do with motion based gaming and entertainment what aboutGolf did with golf simulators-innovate,” said Bill Bales, CEO. “aboutGolf consistently advanced the world of indoor golf. We see a great deal of ‘development real estate’ for the Eleetus Simulator related to the depth and breadth of new kinds of content as well as creative hardware design and display methodology. Our goal is to provide the most amazing gaming and entertainment system a family could put in their recreation room or Dad’s man cave. Commercial family entertainment centers are also targeted.”

skiesWith the worldwide gaming industry expected to experience twenty percent growth in 2014 over the prior year, topping $110 billion, Eleetus has plans to reach a broad base of serious and casual gamers for residential sales, and to foster commercial use of its line of simulators, including a broad range of adventurous and educational entertainment.

The Eleetus Simulator uses an intelligently engineered, patented motion platform running in two degrees of freedom, but emulating an additional three degrees of freedom. Also, Eleetus has added very deep “Control” software which makes the system much more user friendly, and  enables a wide range of add-on games and contests. Where competitive systems focus only on racing and/or flying, Eleetus is pursuing a content plan that also includes Hollywood quality virtual 3D rides, fun educational content, and a wider range of games including proprietary games designed to optimize the simulator’s unique motion capabilities.

The Eleetus Simulator has commenced distribution in the United States and Canada, with showrooms in Burlington, Ontario, Ottawa Lake, Michigan, and Dallas, Texas. Additional showrooms are targeted for Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando in the near term.


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