Thursday, April 22, 2021

Emotion Media Factory Creating Nighttime Spectacular for Hainan’s Ocean Flower Island

Emotion Media Factory is producing and installing a new multimedia spectacular for the world’s largest sea stage, located on the man-made “Ocean Flower Island” in Hainan, China.

Ocean Flower Island is an artificial archipelago located off the north coast of Hainan, China, west of the Yangpu Peninsula. The project, being built by the Evergrande Group, will consist of three independent islets with a total area of 381 hectares (940 acres).

The show will become a landmark created with large scale water effects, 3D video, light, fire, sound, kinetic elements, special effects, live animals and artists.

The custom auditorium will host 2500 guests for nighttime entertainment with a 60 minute-long extravaganza of human performance and high technology on the water stage.

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