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Trackless ETF Vehicles Take Verkehrshaus Luzern Visitors on Adventure through Chocolate

Luzern, Switzerland (November 5, 2014) — ETF Ride Systems installed a new ride called Swiss Chocolate Adventure at Verkehrshaus Luzern, Switzerland last June. The Swiss Museum of Transport developed this multimedia theme world in conjunction with the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation. The Swiss Chocolate Adventure allows visitors to learn interesting facts about the discovery, origin, production and transport of chocolate.


Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling: this multimedia voyage of discovery appeals to all the senses. Through using the great variety in ride path options, ETF was able to create a very imaginative journey for the vehicles and its passengers. This makes the Swiss Chocolate Adventure a very special ride. The lay-out below illustrates this.


The vehicles follow a wire track that brings them into 10 scenes of which 4 are enclosed. Here each different stage of chocolate production is explained, using multimedia. At a given moment all vehicles come together in the centre square of the ride where they start going round and round, like coco beans in a grinder. After this they resume their journey along the scenes and mini theaters.


The ride consists of 10 ETF trackless Multi Mover vehicles which can each carry 6 guests. This specific ride lay-out shows the flexibility of the ETF system. “IArt”, the Swiss company that designed this ride, perfectly “translated” the possibilities these vehicles have into the final ride lay-out.

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