Thursday, April 15, 2021

FloatBall Executives Touring US Parks to Showcase New Angry Birds Themed Boats

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — FloatBall LLC. will begin road shows to present its new and exclusive attraction: FloatBall with Angry Birds. During the next three months, FloatBall executives will be visiting major US parks to share more details about the new experience.

FloatBall is an electric boat in the shape of a ball and driven by a professional captain. The boat is able to transport up to 10 people, and has TV monitors, Wi-Fi and other accessories. Amusement parks can offer this unique experience now with an Angry Birds theme.


With The Angry Birds Movie coming to theaters across the US on May 20, the FloatBall experience becomes even more exciting, with games, characters and interactive activities available inside and outside FloatBalls.

“Our goal during the Road Shows is to present a new and amazing entertainment for amusement parks, offering a different attraction for the whole family,” says Giovanni Luigi, FloatBall CEO. “FloatBalls are a great option for parks that want to offer an amazing attraction and innovative product to customers.”

angry birds floatball

“We are delighted to work with FloatBall on this partnership, which helps fulfill our ambition to combine digital and physical entertainment in fun and innovative ways,” says Rovio’s Chief Commercial Officer Alex Lambeek. “FloatBall offers a new way for fans to get to know our characters and take part in the Angry Birds story.”

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