Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rocky Mountain’s Newest Mega Inversion Wooden Coaster Topped Off at Great America

Gurnee, IL, USA /PRNewswire/ — Six Flags Great America announced on May 16, 2014 that the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, known as Goliath, was “topped off” that morning as the last section of the 165-foot-high structure was bolted in place. The high-thrill coaster is in its final stages of construction and will be ready to debut to guests within the next few weeks. The mammoth structure required 300,000 board feet of lumber, 70,000 bolts and over 40,000 man-hours to build.

Goliath obliterates every wooden roller coaster category by breaking three world records, and also becomes the first wooden roller coaster on the planet to propel riders upside-down through two separate maneuvers.

Goliath has been engineered and constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction of Hayden, ID.

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