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Giant Screen Cinema Association announces films and sessions for 2021 Virtual Film Expo

GSCA has announced the films and sessions that will be included in the upcoming Virtual Film Expo. Sessions will be held on April 19, 21, and 23. New films will be available on demand from April 12-30 on Filmocracy, the GSCA Film Expo virtual platform. Each new film will also have 15 minutes on the event schedule on April 19, 21, and 23 to share behind-the-scenes footage, plans for film launches, marketing, education resources, Q&A with filmmakers, and more (see the full schedule here).

Professional Development and Innovations Sessions

Improving The Business Model: We Know It Has To Change, But How?

The giant screen business model has many components to it, but any lasting, workable changes will likely have to begin with the theater-distributor relationship. This session will feature candid conversations between veteran distributors and exhibitors in the GS industry about the core issues of programming, admission pricing and packaging, marketing, and finding an equitable way to split a slowly contracting pie.

The State of the Giant Screen Industry

A candid, data-driven update on the state of the GS industry, this presentation will identify the hopeful signs as well as the challenges facing all stakeholders in this industry’s recovery.

Theater Re-Opening Tips and Best Practices

In this interactive session, GSCA member theaters will share what has worked and what hasn’t as they open their doors and welcome visitors again.

Giant Screen Innovations

The following presentations will be included in the GS Innovations session.

Aspect Ratios: The Shape of Cinema

Nothing could be as boring as aspect ratios, right? Well, you haven’t seen Jonathan Bird’s exciting and fascinating look at aspect ratios and how we got to where we are today.

Focus on Film Scanning

We will explore the challenges of capturing high-quality and high-resolution digital scans of 65mm film. Four companies, including FotoKem, IMAX, Prasad Corp, and another to be announced, will share their techniques, innovations, and unique approaches to digitizing film.

High-Resolution Camera Shootout

Led by Pawel Achtel ACS of the Innovations Committee and shot by a team of ACS cinematographers, we will evaluate the performance of the following state-of-the-art cameras: RED Monstro 8K, ARRI LF, Blackmagic Design 12K, Canon R5, Achtel 9×7.

LED Technology for Digital Domes

Dome theaters have consistently faced the historic challenges of 1) low contrast due to light bounce across the dome surface, 2) the need for multiple projectors to create acceptable resolution, 3) low brightness due to low reflectivity of the dome surface to minimize light bounce and scatter, and 4) the maintenance of a complex projection system and cost of lamps and other consumables. Enter the LED dome. This breakthrough, game-changing technology addresses all of the historic concerns.

Watch 17 New Films On Demand

The following films will be available for registered attendees to view on-demand at your convenience from April 12-30 on our virtual platform, hosted by Filmocracy. The new films will also have 15 minutes on the event schedule so producers and distributors can share behind-the-scenes footage, plans for film launches and talent available, marketing, educational kits, Q&A with the producer, etc., so you have everything you need to know about the newest giant screen releases.

  • Ancient Caves, Producer: Oceanic Research Group, Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia, Producer: Helio Projects Asia, Distributor: K2 Studios
  • Antarctica, Producer: BBC Earth, Distributor: SK Films
  • Apollo 11: Quarantine, Producer: CNN Films, Statement Pictures, Distributor: NEON
  • The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness, Producer: Terra Mater, Distributor: Cosmic Picture
  • Asteroid Hunters, Producer: IMAX Entertainment and Huahuang Pictures, Distributor: IMAX
  • Astronaut: Ocean to Orbit, Producer: Oceanic Research Group, Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Back From the Brink: Saved From Extinction, Producer: Roam, Distributor: Cosmic Picture
  • Cephalopods: Aliens of the Deep, Producer: Saint Thomas Productions, Distributor: nWave Pictures Distribution
  • Dino Dana The Movie, Producer/Distributor: Sinking Ship Entertainment
  • Dinosaurs of Antarctica, Producer/Distributor: Giant Screen Films
  • Everest: The Director’s Cut, Producer/Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Into America’s Wild, Producer/Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Ireland, Producer/Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Ocean Odyssey, Producer: Wild Pacific Media Pty Ltd, Definition Films, and K2 Studios, Distributor: K2 Studios
  • The Search For Snow, Producer: Saint Thomas Productions, Distributor: nWave Pictures Distribution
  • Serengeti, Producer: Kiboko Films, Distributor: K2 Studios

Films in Production and Projects in Development

Films in Production and Projects in Development will be presented on Monday, April 19, at 2:30 pm EDT and then be available for on-demand viewing on Filmocracy after April 19.

Films in Production

  • Black Widow: The IMAX Experience, Producer: Marvel Studios, Distributor: Walt Disney Studios
  • Jazz Fest, Producer/Distributor: IMAX
  • Koala, Producer: Amezdroz Media, Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • The Last Glaciers, Producer/Distributor: IMAX
  • No Time To Die: The IMAX Experience, Producer: MGM, Universal Pictures, Eon Productions, Distributor: United Artists Releasing, Universal Pictures
  • The Secret Life of Fungi, Producer: Stranger Than Fiction Films Pty Ltd, Definition Films, and K2 Studios, Distributor: K2 Studios
  • Secrets of the Sea, Producer: Howard Hall Productions/Oceanic Research Group, Inc., Distributor: MacGillivray Freeman Films
  • Shark Heroes, Producer: Definition Films and K2 Studios, Distributor: K2 Studios
  • Space Explorers – The ISS Experience, Producer/Distributor: Felix & Paul Studios
  • Tiger Tiger, Producer/Distributor: IMAX
  • Top Gun: Maverick The IMAX Experience, Producer: Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, TC Productions, Distributor: Paramount Pictures
  • Train Time, Producer: Train Time Film Inc., Distributor: The Stephen Low Company
  • Wings Over Water, Producer: Dorsey Pictures, Archipelago Films, Distributor: SK Films

Projects in Development

  • Blue Dot Zero, Producer: Moonraker and nWave Pictures Distribution, Distributor: nWave Pictures Distribution
  • Enchanted Greece, Producer: White Mountain Films, Distributor: to be determined
  • Mars 2080, Producer/Distributor: IMAX
  • Sand-Eating Sharks, Producer: Saint Thomas Productions, Distributor: nWave Pictures Distribution


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