Friday, April 16, 2021

RFP: Experienced firm sought to produce Giant Screen Marketing Symposium

The Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) has issued an RFP seeking a qualified research, marketing and/or advertising firm to conduct giant screen theater research and develop a one-day marketing symposium. The event will be held in Chicago this September as part of the GSCA 2017 International Conference and Trade Show.

The primary goal of this symposium is to help museum theaters increase their capture rates, grow overall attendance, and re-energize the giant screen market with ideas from a fresh perspective. Additional goals for the symposium include identifying theater trends, providing case studies from theaters that have quantifiably increased their capture rates and suggesting strategies for improved performance. GSCA expects the selected marketing agency to conduct industry research on current capture rates, make recommendations, create a pilot program, and plan the symposium where the results, pilot program case studies, and strategies will be presented. 

The successful firm will present an action plan, timeline, and budget that encompasses the following:

**develop and conduct the research on current institutional and theater attendance and capture rates for the purposes of constructing the agenda for symposium

**analyze the findings for the purposes of organizing and presenting a full-day marketing symposium

**develop the day-long symposium to present the findings and recommendations to the broader industry audience on increasing audience capture rates; improving marketing effectiveness; and finding new ideas and approaches to marketing, advertising and promotion

Proposals are due January 31. For further information, visit or contact GSCA Executive Director Tammy Seldon at [email protected].

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