Friday, April 23, 2021

Giant Screen Films reschedules release of Dinosaurs of Antarctica to February 2021

After consulting with many of its museum partners, and based on the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, Giant Screen Films (GSF) has decided to move the release of its highly anticipated large-format film Dinosaurs of Antarctica to February 2021. 

“Obviously these are challenging times, but we are grateful to the many theaters—over 80 to date—who have signed on to run the film in early 2021 and beyond,” said Don Kempf, President of GSF. “We had an outstanding screening at the GSCA spring conference, and as a result have added to the list of theaters running the film during our new launch window.”

Dinosaurs of Antarctica chronicles a prehistoric world now lost to ice, a 250 million-year odyssey from the Permian ice age through the warm and lush Age of Dinosaurs – and back again to the frozen desert we know today. The film received major funding by the National Science Foundation.

“We are excited to take full advantage of the NSF educational and outreach initiatives going forward, with schools, camps and other groups returning to museums in the spring and summer, historically the high-season for field trips,” said Andy Wood, Senior Vice President of GSF. “All of the activity that was planned for 2020 will simply be shifted to 2021 and beyond. Furthermore we are taking this year to produce a suite of additional promotional and marketing assets to augment what was already primed to be an outstanding launch.”

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