Sunday, May 9, 2021

Herschend Enterprises forms live entertainment company


Herschend Enterprises CEO Andrew Wexler announced the formation of a new operating company, Herschend Live, that will look to expand upon the company’s mission to bring families closer together by creating memories worth repeating®, this time through sports and live entertainment.

Herschend Live will be the fourth operating company under the Herschend Enterprises umbrella, joining Herschend Family Entertainment (encompassing theme parks and attractions), Herschend Studios (focuses on media and digital entertainment) and the recently acquired Pink Adventure Tours (offering ground adventure tours).  Herschend Enterprises owns a portfolio of companies committed to providing wholesome, immersive entertainment. Each company offers environments and experiences that allow families to connect in meaningful ways.

The Harlem Globetrotters are the first Herschend-owned property under the Live banner.  Herschend purchased the Globetrotters in October of 2013. The team is the most beloved sports organization in the world and has entertained over 148 million fans in 123 countries and territories for the past 92 years.

“We’re excited to launch the next phase of our business with the launch of Herschend Live,” said Wexler, who appointed Globetrotter President Howard Smith to lead the new division in a dual role. “The success of the Globetrotters touring the world and staging consistently thrilling and profitable live events has served as the inspiration for this initiative, which we are confident we can replicate on various levels for other brands in the live event business.  We will look to acquire or manage other live event proprieties under the success of the Globetrotter model on a global level.”

“As global leaders in live entertainment we look forward to applying our expertise and business platform to new and innovative touring experiences,” added Smith, an Atlanta native who was named president of the Globetrotters in January of 2016.

Herschend Enterprises is a family of companies who focus on family entertainment. Operating companies include Herschend Studios, Herschend Live, Herschend Family Entertainment and Pink Adventure Tours, the nation’s largest family-owned themed attraction corporation. For nearly six decades, Herschend Enterprises has operated with the purpose of bringing families closer together by Creating Memories Worth Repeating®. For more information, visit,

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