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Holovis and Super 78 Partner for New Immersive Tunnel Attraction at Bobbejaanland

Lichtaart, Belgium — Theme park Bobbejaanland will open its first Immersive Tunnel attraction in May 2015. Entitled The Forbidden Caves, the ride will take visitors on a thrilling journey into mysterious caves, where danger – and supernatural creatures – lurk in every corner.

The Immersive Tunnel will be the first attraction of its kind in Belgium. This completely unique ride is being designed and installed by Holovis and a turnkey-key basis, supported by media partners Super 78. The ride will feature a dual 30 seat motion platform on a five degrees of freedom (DOF) base with specially created 3D media around the ride vehicles on all sides and front.

Holovis specialises in creating unique media based dark ride experiences where users are completely immersed in 360° 2D or 3D visuals and sound. By surrounding a person’s peripheral vision the sensory experience is completely transformed, and the intensely accurate synchronization of the media, motion, spatial audio and special effects ensures that the riders are transported into the virtual reality storytelling in a highly compelling and realistic way.

Bobbejaanland is part of the Parque Reunidos Group and is a family friendly park with over 40 attractions. The Immersive Tunnel attraction will add to this high quality destination with a new kind of ride that combines original conceptual design with clever systems and innovative technical execution. This creates the feel and thrill of a dynamic and sometimes perilous driving journey but with less actual physical movement on the motion systems making this a multi-generational attraction for riders of any age to share the experience together, all delivered in a highly robust, reliable system package.

Roland Kleve, CEO, Bobbejaanland explained:

“I am proud to present an immersive tunnel to our visitors.  The Forbidden Caves is a new type of ride in the portfolio of Bobbejaanland. This new ride is not only about adrenaline!  It is so much more: it is also about discovery, interaction and surprise.  The total adventure of the customer is 10 minutes.  The ride is highly themed, we have actors in the queuing line that bring the visitors in the right mood to enjoy the ride for the full experience.

“The highly technical execution of the immersive tunnel gives users the feeling of being in another world through the fully immersive 3D environment and seamless smooth motion systems. Through the appointment of Holovis and Super 78 we have two fantastic teams who bring world class expertise in working together to create a truly next-generation and unique attraction.”

Stuart Hetherington, CEO, Holovis commented:

“We are very proud to have won this project and to be bringing the first Immersive Tunnel attraction to Belgium. Experiential design and storytelling is at the heart of all our attractions, tailoring each solution to our client’s exact requirements we can deliver for them unique rider experiences. Our turn-key approach also delivers higher quality that can fit with the most demanding budget. Without giving too much away at this time, through our collaboration with Bobbejaanland and Super78 this will be the most compelling ride of its kind anywhere in the world and will take immersive experiences to the next level!”


Joe Kleiman
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