Saturday, April 10, 2021

IAAPA Announces New Advocacy Program For Individual State Regulations

Alexandria, VA, USA — IAAPA is pleased to announce a new advocacy program beginning in 2016. Member surveys in 2015 indicated that 79% of IAAPA’s U.S. members see state regulation as the biggest threat to their business, and 63% of members rely solely on IAAPA for government relations information and involvement. To address these member needs, IAAPA’s Board of Directors has created a state government relations program.

Beginning in 2016, IAAPA will play a more active role in U.S. state government relations:

IAAPA will retain lobbyists to represent the industry on priority issues—specific to the attractions industry, and general business issues—in states where those issues are being seriously considered. These target states will change from year to year, as policy priorities change.

IAAPA will provide legislative and regulatory tracking in all 50 states, as well as send regular status updates to members on votes and hearings.

Recognizing that advocacy is a partnership and oftentimes business owners and operators are more effective than lobbyists, IAAPA will equip members with resources necessary to engage elected officials and regulators. IAAPA will also issue calls to action when appropriate.

In order to increase the reach of our efforts, IAAPA will build relationships and coalitions with other pro-business organizations at the state and regional level.

IAAPA will use increased involvement in state politics to promote its members at the state level.

IAAPA has been a long-time partner with several state and regional attractions associations. We will continue to work in partnership with state and regional amusement associations on state policy issues.

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