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The Immersive Attraction: Emmanuelle Charotte

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What is absolutely required for an experience to be considered immersive?

Emmanuelle Charotte, ECA2: Being in the moment

First, the energy of an attraction is different depending on whether it is a fully immersive show or not. The emotions and distinct reactions provoked will be so much stronger for an immersive show.

For a show to be as immersive as possible, the aim is to keep spectators focusing on elements and the instant moment. Besides, it must appeal to visitors’ senses as much as possible. In this objective, even though we sometimes work with the sense of smell, ECA2’s projects mainly focus on senses of both hearing and sight.

Regarding hearing, the challenge is to enable the spectators to hear and only hear the show sound. For sight the challenge is to make the entire field of view (horizontal and vertical) be covered by show elements.

This is how the experience will be increased and immersive. It can transform a “show” into a “nighttime spectacular.”

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Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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