Friday, December 8, 2023

Innovative FOTO begins offering ID badge kiosks for attractions

Providing an easy addition to already existing attractions, Innovative FOTO’s ID Badge Photo Souvenir booth allows guests to create a personal, authentic ID badge to use throughout their visit and then bring home as a souvenir.

Amusement parks, zoos, museums and aquariums are often tasked with enhancing and updating older attractions to keep the experience fun and interesting for returning guests. Booths are customizable and can be branded with an exterior graphic wrap and digital display to fit any location or theme.

The Innovative FOTO ID Photo Badge Souvenir booth is not limited to single attractions — venues can also add the ID booth throughout the entire park or venue and create an experience that is connected to many attractions. Parks and interactive venues can use the badges to signify guests who want an extra immersive experience and have staff members engage with these guests or add badge-related activities in high-traffic areas where guests may linger or spend time waiting in line.

The ID Badge Photo Souvenir booth not only enhances the guests experience, but also helps generate additional revenue for the attraction. Innovative FOTO also provides design service, kiosk and service maintenance at no additional cost. Additionally, guests can operate the booths and pay for the ID badges directly at each kiosk.

Each Innovative FOTO ID Badge Photo Souvenir booth is free-standing with all lighting, camera, print delivery and payment options built in. The booths print standard ID sizes, including the 3.75in X 2.25in, on high-quality .027 mil PVC that can be custom-designed to match any ride, exhibit or location.

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