Sunday, April 18, 2021

Jora Vision brings the young Rembrandt to modern eyes


On May 17, Young Rembrandt Studio opened its doors in a very special location. Langebrug 89 is a the cozy 17th-century dwelling where Rembrandt received his first painting lessons from his mentor, Jacob van Swanenburg. This listed building now houses a unique stop in the “In the Footsteps of the Young Rembrandt”, a walking tour through the city of Leiden, The Netherlands.

The new experience is a complete product of Jora Vision. The company designed, built and directed the attraction. The story of young Rembrandt comes to life in a seven-minute immersive show, which takes place in the reconstructed studio of Swanenburg.

Marco Ruzza, Creative Director at Jora Vision explains: “The show highlights the Dutch Master’s unique talents, and takes visitors through the journey of creating and mixing paints in 17th-century style, using exotic pigments and minerals. This is explained using video mapping technology. Guests can get a glimpse into the painter’s childhood spent through the streets of his home town Leiden. The experience immerses guests in the artist’s life and work in a unique way, ensuring that they will see Rembrandt’s work from a whole new perspective.”

The Young Rembrandt Studio, which is free of charge, also houses a gift shop and an information point for the city of Leiden. Guests are welcomed Wednesdays through Sundays, from noon until 5 PM.

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