Friday, April 16, 2021

Key Attractions at H2OBX Waterpark include:


Twin Tides Family Wave Beach – Wave pool experience flanked by beachfront.

Deep Six Adventure Lagoon – Ropes and balance pads spanning the water, huge climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course, and wet and wild basketball courts.

Teach’s Tides Adventure River – An easy current featuring waterfalls, geysers and bubbling waters.

FlowRider® – A 40-foot inclined, tensioned composite membrane surface to soften any wipeout.

Cat-5 – Showcasing a Cabana beach front area, this 25,000 square-foot, dual-beach wave pool features 4-foot high waves with multiple wave patterns for a unique experience every time.

Rogue Wave – At six-stories tall and nearly 1,500 feet long, this family raft ride features a heart-racing precipice, and a surprising drop into weightlessness with a zero-gravity apex.

Queen Anne’s Revenge – Family raft ride featuring exciting twists and turns through enclosed sections and a surprise burst of light in an otherwise dark tube slide.

Wild Horse Run – At almost 1,500 feet long and from 50 feet high, riders can go alone or with a friend and experience tight corners and high-banking turns.

Storm Chaser – An aqua-lucent lit, enclosed flume launching riders at almost 24 miles per hour into a cavernous basin for several rotations.

RipTide – A 50-foot tall waterslide featuring dark twists with aqua-lucent lighting, steep drops, and a nearvertical 35-foot wall that boomerangs riders back and forth.

The Plank – Exhilarating anticipation precludes the drop out floor before riders free fall 90 feet at 38 miles per hour.

Paradise Plunge – Dropped from the launch capsule, from 90 feet, riders experience a near free fall before being launched into a 360-degree, horizontal translucent enclosed loop.

Dune Runner – Three adrenaline-charged drops in an open slide from 70 feet high.

Midnight Marauder – Three electrifying drops through an enclosed tube that runs more than 500 feet in length

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