Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kraftwerk Living Technologies introduces electric drive version of SFX Motion Seats for smaller venues

Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ SFX Motion Seats have been successfully implemented in the largest 4D theaters in the world, rounding off its expertise in creating immersive 4D Theater solutions. With clients also asking for a solution for smaller venues or even individual seat set-ups for VR applications, the audiovisual system integration firm has now introduced an electric drive version of their seats, in addition to the pneumatically driven version.

Both SFX Motion Seats offer similar features for exciting experiences, with a comfortable size and design, high-quality materials and construction, several integrated high-class special effects, smooth and accurate motion as well as flexible and easy control. They come as 3 or 4 seat modules and can be customized to meet the individual requirements of the clients – including a curved or elevated version. While the pneumatic drive is the optimum solution for larger theaters, the electric drive is the ideal solution for smaller venues without limitations in movement or SFX. The new drive requires a smaller infrastructure, smaller air compressors just for effects and offers even more possibilities with regards to custom programming and use.

With the introduction of the electric drive, Kraftwerk Living Technologies is opening up new market segments – not just in theme parks but also in museums, science centers, FECs, brand centers and planetariums.

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