Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lagotronics Opens First GameChanger Rotating 3D Gaming Platform

Venlo, The Netherlands — In July 2016, Lagotronics Projects introduced their brand new ride concept ‘the GameChanger’: a rotating 3D gaming platform, which is the first of its kind in the theme park business! The first GameChanger has now successfully been opened in Shimao’s Max Wonder Park, Shishi.

The ride in Max Wonder Park is called ‘Max Ranger’, and is built on a 12m-diameter platform. It has seven groups of four-seats and six game scenes. Visitors step in a vehicle on a revolving platform that rotates like a carousel – and after every turn, they get to play an amazing 3D game.


As six groups of players are entertained inside, another group will board the platform in the loading area. The Max Ranger ride has an hourly capacity of 320 people, but configurations of up to 1,000 are possible. This by using larger seating configurations and a platform of up to 25m. Every player has his own fantasy shooter and score monitor installed on the vehicle. During the ride players will enjoy a range of special effects, including wind, sounds and vibrations. At the end of the ride players can compare their personal score with the other guests on an overall score board.


TheGameChanger is an innovative new kind of ride, which has endless possibilities. Because this ride concept is completely new in the theme park business, the patent is already pending.

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