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Rixos Hotels, Emaar Properties, and Dragone Productions Open Land of Legends in Turkey

Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey (July 25, 2016) – Turkey’s newest leisure and entertainment park, The Land of Legends Theme Park, was designed and built as a joint venture by Rixos Hotels, Emaar Properties PJSC, and Dragone Productions. It takes children, youngsters and adults on a unique journey full of adventures and excitement, with a new interpretation of entertainment. Located in Antalya, it has brought a brand new concept to Turkey with its unique architecture as well as the stage and visual art designs by Franco Dragone.

The Land of Legends Theme Park offers a one of a kind vacation experience, featuring the world’s first musical boat parade and the “Kingdom”- the realm of children, Turkey’s first hotel specially designed for children. Other attractions include Water World, the Tower of Legends and the Water Coaster. In the 5D cinema, guests enter with their swimsuits on.

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The Land of Legends Theme Park offers guests of all ages a unique ambiance in a so far undiscovered world of magic. It opens the door to a colorful world with water and light performances and gives its guests the unique experience of a lifetime in one of Europe’s biggest and most exciting waterparks designed for various age groups. There are relaxing boat trips and an underwater safari available for the whole family.

In the Land of Legends Theme Park, guests can experience the challenges of the surf pool with huge waves rising up to 2 meters high from its volcanic eruptions. The volcano scenery is also the place to sunbathe on the white sands.

“Kingdom”- the realm of children, Turkey’s first hotel specially designed for children, reflects the tales that are the sources of inspiration in all the performances in the park. It changes everyday life into an entertaining and wonderful fairy tale for children and adults alike.

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