Friday, April 16, 2021

LatiTube Surfing System Newest Addition to WhiteWater Family

Richmond, BC, Canada (November 17, 2014) — WhiteWater is excited to announce the acquisition of the LatiTube line of products world-wide with the exception of New Zealand and Australia. LatiTube is a unique surfing attraction that ‘does things a little differently’ and offers wave-generating products called the Pocket Single, Pocket Double, Pocket Outbreak and Pocket PRO.

“We want to welcome Steve Kriticos and the LatiTube product line into the WhiteWater family as another innovation joins the ORIGINAL Waterpark & Attractions Company” announced Geoff Chutter, CEO and founder of WhiteWater.

LatiTube is the newest surfing system available on the market and has already found success in world-renowned waterparks such as Wet‘n’Wild Sydney, Australia. LatiTube is an experiential surfing attraction for all ages, providing surfers with the experience of riding an ocean-like tube. LatiTube is the perfect surfing wave-generator for riders of all abilities as the operator may easily adjust the wave to match the surfer’s movements and skill level.

“Not only are we proud to have acquired LatiTube, but equally as proud to have the founder, Steve Kriticos, join our Wave Division” comments Marshall Myrman, VP – FlowRider and Waves.

“I am excited at the opportunity to participate in new product development for WhiteWater, the leader in innovation in the waterpark industry” said Steve Kriticos.

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