Thursday, May 6, 2021

Legacy Entertainment’s ROAD RAGE at Trans Studio Bali billed as world’s first “stunt show dark ride”

Following the November 2018 announcement of two all-new theme parks coming to Indonesia later this year, Trans Studio has revealed details on the first of several signature attractions in the works. ROAD RAGE, the signature dark ride that will serve as an anchor attraction at Trans Studio Bali, is being billed as the world’s first “Stunt Show Dark Ride,” in that it will break new ground with its integration of live performers and high-octane stunts  .

The attraction features design and production by Legacy Entertainment, a dynamic ride system from Oceaneering, and is capped with an original musical score by Benoit Jutras, known for his compositions for Cirque du Soleil and Dragone.

ROAD RAGE under construction. Images courtesy Legacy Entertainment.

“For the first time ever, visitors to an Indonesian theme park will experience a dark ride that exceeds those in many of the world’s top international theme parks” says Lee Roe, Legacy’s Creative Director for the project. He adds “We love working with Trans Studio because they’re pioneers. They have no interest in rehashing what’s been done elsewhere. Our teams are united by a singular creative challenge- to create the best regional park dark rides ever imagined.”

More details will be released soon, including additional details about Road Rage and the other signature attractions under-development for Trans Studio Bali and Trans Studio Cibubur. 

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