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Lightware Matrix and Fiber Transmitters/Receivers Celebrate Campeche

Lake Orion, MI, USA (April 27, 2015) – Twenty-first century technology merge with centuries of history in “Celebremos Campeche,” a projection-mapped multimedia spectacle on the Mexican town’s iconic Biblioteca (library).  Creative KAOS Management collaborated with sister company Proluxon on the project, which uses a Lightware MX-16x16DVI-Plus matrix switcher and six Lightware DVI-OPT-TX110 fiber transmitters and six RX110 fiber receivers provided by Solotech.

“Celebremos Campeche” is a 30-minute video displayed on the two-story, curved arcade of the Biblioteca in the historical district of Campeche, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The project pays homage to the beauty, history, culture and people of the region; the video is projection mapped onto the 80×12-meter façade of the building creating a moving mural inspired by the spirit of Campeche.  Visual elements include Spanish galleons, religious iconography, Mayan masks, stylized landscapes and giant graphic flowers with saints and local people framed by the arcade’s many niches.

The permanent installation plays several times a week for all to enjoy.  It was developed within the framework of the restoration of Campeche’s city hall, customs building and Biblioteca and funded by the Secretary of Public Works of Campeche State.

Creative KAOS Management worked closely with producer Elias Ciseros from 333 Luxes as well as local and state representatives to develop the spectacle.  Creative KAOS Management partner 4U2C produced the video content.

“We have worked with 333 Luxes since 2008, and they called us about this project in 2013,” says Valy Tremblay, the project’s executive producer and production manager at Proluxon.

“We’ve used Lightware products a lot, and we know them to be really solid and reliable.  The 16×16 matrix was perfect for this,” he reports.  “We always include a router in our inventory for back up so it can re-route to a specific projector, if necessary.  We do a lot of show control.  It can detect a problem and automatically re-route the machine; within a few seconds the show is back up without any human intervention.”

Tremblay also notes that, “in show control it’s important that we control with a TCP connection without the front panel.  Lightware worked perfectly out of the box: It was flawless.  No other company really offers this kind of performance for the price.”

Additionally, “since the distance we’re dealing with is very long – 300 meters — we chose Lightware fiber transmitters and receivers to carry the video signals from the control room to the projectors,” he explains.

“Thanks to the hard work of all of our collaborators, and based on the audience feedback, we truly feel we’ve succeeded in delivering a unique experience,” says Tremblay.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleimanhttp://wwww.themedreality.com
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