Thursday, May 13, 2021

Luc Petit CREATION Joins Forces with Franco Dragone to Create Theatrical Homage to the UAE


Abu Dhabi, UAE — Franco Dragone Entertainment Group turned once again to the team of Luc Petit CREATION to collaborate in Abu Dhabi .

“Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation” is a visual and musical poem , directed by Franco Dragone, who pays homage to 250 years of history in the UAE and its Bedouin culture. Acrobatics, animation, music and stunning special effects were presented February 28 to 9 March 2013 in a blockbuster  production at the emblematic Al Jahili Fort in Abu Dhabi, within the framework Qasr al Hosn Festival.

Franco Dragone gave the Luc Petit team the responsibility of managing the casting for this production. After several weeks of intense research, a cast was put together consisting of both dancers and acrobats, as well as groups offering their own unique acts, which the director from La Louviére incorporated into the existing storyline.


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