Friday, April 23, 2021

MediaMation Supplies MX4D Motion Seats to Cedar Fair’s Mass Effect Attraction

Santa Clara, CA, USA –  4D innovator MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) of Torrance, CA was tapped as a key technology contributor to California’s Great America’s newly opened guest attraction, “Mass Effect: New Earth.”

The next-generation, 4D holographic ride spotlights MediaMation’s signature MX4D® motion seats, which have been widely adopted by major theme park operators as well as in cinema chains throughout the globe.

The attraction features “immersive” special effects cued to sounds and visuals in the theatre such as water/air blasts, seat/neck ticklers, back pokers, scents, and other effects emanating from MMI’s patented individual seat armrests.  The installation also marks the first integration of “sensory mats,” a new safety feature that signals a row of seats to stop motion should a rider jump off his/her seat while the seats are moving.

California’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment, which operates a total of 11 regional amusement parks in North America including Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California and Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. In addition to MediaMation, other technology partners contributing to the attraction include 3D Live, Halon Entertainment, Crescendo Media Engineering,and Electrosonic.

Notes Christian Dieckmann, Corporate VP, Strategic Growth, Cedar Fair, regarding the company’s choice of MediaMation technology for this project: “We knew we needed a state-of-the-art motion system to complement the massive 3D LED screens and deepen the immersive aspect of the experience.  After looking at a number of options, we chose MediaMation and their MX4D® Motion EFX seats.  In addition to having a fantastic range and intensity of motion, their seats came ready-made with other 4D effects such as water, wind, smell and ticklers.  The installation and programming process was also very straightforward, which was a huge benefit on a complicated project like this that integrated so many different technologies for the first time.”

Adds Dan Jamele, MMI VP/CTO:  “Obviously, MediaMation is thrilled to be a part of this new attraction at California’s Great America.  We fully expect it to draw big crowds and create lots of repeat riders for the experience.”

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