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Modulo Pi: Serving up dreams

Modulo Pi equipment is key to system of Futuroscope’s new nighttime show “The Key to Dreams,” created by ECA2

by Modulo Pi

Guests to Futuroscope park in Jaunay-Clan, France, can now enjoy “La Clé des Songes” (“The Key to Dreams”), a new nighttime show presented in the park’s 5,000-seat water amphitheater, open since June 2021. Designed and produced by ECA2, the show provides the public with a dreamlike, immersive journey, delivered via state-of-the-art multimedia technologies including video projection, lasers, flames and water jets. The show system’s 10 projectors are fed by Modulo Kinetic media servers by Modulo Pi.

Futuroscope is ranked as one of the top 20 theme parks in the EMEA region with some 2 million in annual attendance. “The Key to Dreams” was a significant reinvestment to bring a new guest experience to its water theater and the result of a nearly two-year collaboration between Futuroscope and ECA2, a world leader in the design and production of immersive multimedia spectaculars.

The show blends animation and multimedia to create a multisensory experience. The brief for ECA2 was to reclaim the venue and conceive the new show, integrating new multimedia elements with the existing equipment already installed. In response to this challenge, ECA2 designed a new scenography around the vortex structure, a pre-existing element of 28 tons whose 157 facets form a 270 square meter projection surface.

To magnify the vortex, which was illuminated by five Christie LX1500 video projectors, ECA2 elected to enhance the existing system with the Modulo Kinetic media server solution. This consisted of one Modulo Kinetic Designer workstation added to the control room along with two Kinetic V-Node servers, each equipped with six outputs.

Modulo Pi’s media servers help power “The Key of Dreams” imagery. Photo courtesy of Modulo Pi

The team made use of dedicated tools available in the Modulo Kinetic software. Thanks to its virtual camera system and 3D calibration of projectors, the media server allowed the creation of 3D mapping content to project onto the vortex, resulting in an animated fresco with shifting atmospheres throughout the show.

In addition to this projection surface the show includes 950 square meters of projection on water screens, and 450 square meters of projection on a net suspended 35 meters high. These projections are based on 5 x Barco projectors from 18,000 to 44,000 lumens, as well as Modulo Kinetic for the 3D mapping and media playback. The Modulo Kinetic LED mapping function also came into play for controlling a constellation of more than 300 lights illuminating the water’s surface.

Synced with timecode, the 25-minute show is played twice every night in the grand outdoor space.

Modulo Pi’s Modulo Player media servers are integrated into the systems of several other celebrated attractions at Futuroscope, including “The Time Machine” (honored in 2014 with a European Star Award and in 2015 with a Thea Award) and “The Extraordinary Journey” (Top European Attraction, Parksmania Awards 2017).

Founded in 2010, Modulo Pi offers a new generation of media servers designed to meet the needs of creatives, producers and technicians with innovative and reliable systems. Relying on 20+ years’ experience in the field of media servers of Founder & CEO Yannick Kohn, Modulo Pi helps create stunning visual experiences through its two system options, Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic. Designed to meet the needs of any type of project, no matter the size or technical requirements, Modulo Pi systems have powered hundreds of productions in varied applications, including corporate events, theme parks, museums and touring. • •

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