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Nassal Company Introduces Attractions Construction Management (ACM) Services Headed by Industry Vet Martin Zurauskas

Orlando, FL, USA (October 10, 2014) — The Nassal Company announces its newest service offering: Attractions Construction Management (ACM), the first and only specialty construction management service in the world.

Nassal ACM’s launch coincides with the substantial growth of location-based entertainment in international markets including EMEA and Asia Pacific, and is a natural progression of Nassal’s 30 years of experience creating award-winning themed environments across the globe.


Nassal ACM’s goal is simple: to plan, procure, and manage specialty construction aspects of theme parks, attractions, zoos, aquariums, and museums in an efficient and cost-effective way— a role it is uniquely qualified to fulfill.

Dedicated to partnering with world-class design firms and leading destinations and attractions, Nassal ACM offers Cost Estimating, Pre-Construction Management, and Attraction Construction Management for specialty construction elements including Theming, Themed Facades, Show Sets, Rides, Audio Visual and Show Action Equipment, Signage, and Graphics.


The Nassal Company has appointed Martin Zurauskas as Senior Vice President and Director of ACM to lead the development of this new global service offering. As former Vice President of Project Development for The Lego Company and with over a decade of project management consulting, Martin brings a balance of technical know-how, business savvy, and project delivery innovation to ACM.

Click here to learn more about Nassal ACM or Martin Zurauskas.

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