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Neptune Benson Introduces New Automated Controller for Defender Regenerative Media Filter

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Coventry, RI, USA (July 31, 2015) – Neptune Benson is proud to announce the release of the new Defender RMF System Controller, an advanced graphical interface for operating the Defender Regenerative Media Filter.

The Defender is an award winning water filtration system that utilizes perlite for filtration.  Capable of filtering down to 1 micron and requiring no backwash, the Defender has rapidly replaced traditional sand filters as the premier choice for water filtration in a variety of applications.  The Defender offers distinct advantages over sand filtration, including:

  • –Less water consumption
  • –Significant space savings
  • –Energy savings
  • –Less fuel and chemicals

The new RMF System Controller will enhance filter performance and allow owners and operators the ability to get the most out of their Defender Systems.

11212690_692830424179414_8535992293148532579_o“We understand that water scarcity and clean water are major challenges across the globe,” said Ken Rodi, CEO of Neptune Benson. “We’re focusing our innovation efforts on technology that improves water quality and the environment.”

The new RMF System Controller provides advanced control of bump and precoat cycles, pneumatic valves, recirculation pumps, vacuum transfer system, heater cool down delay, data logging and maintenance reminders.  It also features the unique ability to remotely manage operations.  This cutting edge feature allows operators to keep track of system performance even when working on other tasks or while they are away from the facility.  Remote monitoring/operation can be done through any web browser or smart phone.  In addition, the system has the integrated ability to control Neptune Benson’s greendrive VFD system and ETS-UV systems providing additional flexibility and control of system operations.

The new Defender Regenerative RMF System Controller comes on all new Defender Regenerative Media Filters and is available for retrofit on units currently in operation.

For more information on the Defender and new RMF System Controller, please visit

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