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Newest Trick Eye Museum Set to Redefine Perception in Hong Kong

Hong Kong — The three-dimensional art gallery that has taken South Korea by storm has come to the shores of Hong Kong. This is going to be Trick Eye’s second overseas branch after Singapore. To find the most perfect stage for its entrance, the brand new Hong Kong Trick Eye museum has settled on the Hong Kong’s highest summit – the Peak Galleria Mall, which is famous for its breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor.

Trick Eye’s uncommon and original 3D art experience is sure to work its magic. Trick Eye Museum in Seoul has already captured the hearts of millions of visitors around the globe. During the Chinese Spring Festival as many as 5,000 foreign visitors come to Trick Eye every day.

Trick Eye is more than just a museum. It’s a full fantasy world.  Here are some of the secrets behind its magic:

Secret 1. A barrier-free territory

Forget about the stiff, dead-like atmosphere and annoying “no touching” or “no camera” signs that are typical for most museums. Trick Eye is a taboo-free territory. Taking pictures or videos, jumping around the paintings, laughing, posing and touching everything you can lay your hands on – this is what Trick Eye is all about. Trick Eye wants its visitors to have the most enjoyable experience, to make the most out of their visit. That’s why, in terms of exploring the paintings, Trick Eye Museum gives absolute and complete freedom to everybody.

Secret 2. Everyone can become a part of the masterpiece

Every one of Trick Eye’s artworks is like a challenge to audience’s imagination. Everyone can literally enter the painting and become its main character. Trick Eye is not a typical museum. It encourages direct engagement with the exhibits allowing its visitors to experience what it feels like to be an actor and director at the same time. Trick Eye is a museum where the audience gets involved into an active interaction with the artworks.

Secret 3. Fully immersed into 3D artwork

What seems to be a flat two-dimensional painting will appear as three-dimensional artwork that is about to pop out of the wall. This is the magic of Trick Eye’s exhibits. By making use of the laws of perspective, the resulting visual 3D effect can be quite amazing. Only in Trick Eye can a kindergartner look like a giant bigger than his own mother.

There is a reason you will not want to lose an opportunity to visit Hong Kong Trick Eye museum. All 70 of the exhibits are brand new artworks, the result of endless research, planning and hard work. All 70 of Trick Eye new exhibits, including outside sculptures, are amazing artworks, so vivid and alive that it looks as if they can literally step out of the wall any minute. From world famous European masterpieces like “The Yellow House” by Van Gogh to other galleries such as Secret Garden, Great Adventure, Neverland and Hong Kong Discovery – the new Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum will surprise you with its diversified content. With half of the visitors being from Hong Kong, the museum took Hong Kong’s cultural heritage into consideration and developed localized Hong Kong themed artworks that capture the unique essence of the city.

Theme 1: Secret Garden. The World of Green Wonders and Magic

Welcome to the world of magic– Secret Garden. Leave out your everyday problems behind and free your spirit. Enjoy the fascinating view of the sparkling waterfall and rainbow spreading in front of your eyes. Spread your angel wings towards the light or become a little leaf fairy riding its leaf boat under the blue sky. Explore the mysteries of the Secret Garden.10437608_1520964111450894_6349874538384939420_n

Theme 2: World of Masterpieces. Everyone can become a Part of a Masterpiece

Step on the Mona Lisa boat and prepare for an adventure! Or ride on the Giant Rooster to take a walk with the great Van Gogh.

Theme 3: Neverland. The Place where the Craziest Fantasies Come True.

Experience the power of the magic table that makes the whole body completely disappeared leaving only the head. Or try escaping from the sharp teeth of the shark.

Theme 4: Great Adventure. Get Ready for a Dangerous, yet Extraordinary Experience!

Hold on tight to the rope or the elephant might drop you. You’ve been challenged by the Fatty  David so get prepared to fight with all your strength. How about trying to fly? Or maybe try some scuba diving?

Theme 5: Hong Kong Discovery. Capturing the Essence of Hong Kong.

Look out for the “Baby Invasion in Hong Kong”. Play with the Giant Baby sitting in the middle of Victoria Harbor which is famous for its dazzling night view. Or enjoy the fascinating nightscape under the moonlight while riding on the little paper boat. Have a peaceful moment with the Giant Buddha. You can meditate on its palm and make a wish, maybe the magic lanterns surrounding Big Buddha will help you to achieve it.  Welcome to the famous Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong.  Hold the balance or you are about to be eaten by the scary monster fish there.

Trick Eye Goes Beyond 3D

Trick Eye goes beyond traditional 3D paintings and introduces a completely new form of artworks combined with digital screen technologies to give people a better and more enjoyable experience at the museum. This is one of the examples of Trick Eye’s continuous efforts to always stand in the forefront of the times and provide the best cultural and art experience for its customers.

Kiye Oh, the director of Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum says: “The world is already buzzing about the Hong Kong Trick Eye. Our museum is loved far beyond the boundaries of Seoul, so we are looking forward to the Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum becoming Hong Kong’s next most representative tourist attraction.”

To celebrate the upcoming grand opening, Trick Eye tickets will be sold with a 50% special discount till 15th of January.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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