Wednesday, May 12, 2021

nWave to expand market reach and and brand through new ownership partners and management


Giant screen and 3D film production company nWave Pictures has entered into a partnership with the MZM production group and Belga Films to expand nWave’s brand and market reach. As part of the deal, MZM and Belga have purchased a majority stake in nWave.

Under the deal, MZM’s Matthieu Gondinet is nWave’s new COO, while MZM founder Matthieu Zeller is the company’s new CEO and co-Chairman, sharing the position with nWave co-founder Eric Dillens. nWave’s other co-founders will remain with the company, with Ben Stassen continuing to work on productions and Caroline van Iseghem continuing to run the studio.

In an article appearing in Variety, Jérôme de Béthune of Belga Films is quoted as saying: “nWave plays and will continue playing a leading role in the development and diversification of the audiovisual content, from being a pioneer in 3D content to future virtual reality.”

Speaking on the new partnership, Dillens tells InPark: “The intent was to expand our market reach into new areas and build our brand in multiple areas and on multiple platforms.  It is a partnership that will take the company to the next level for a bigger and brighter future.”


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