Sunday, May 9, 2021

Planet Aqua Group to Open Aquarium in Thousand Oaks

Planet Aqua Group has identified its next aquarium location, the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks, California. Previously, the company announced its first location in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jon Whitehead, co-founder of Planet Aqua Group, stated, “We are extremely excited about this opportunity at Janss, afforded us by owner Newmark Merrill. Our location within the mall will give us great visibility and access plus over 20,000 square feet where we can maximize the effects and enjoyment of our proprietary interactive exhibits.”

Whitehead continued, “We did a comprehensive feasibility study of the market and were delighted that hundreds of thousands of students are within a short driving distance of Janss and, expect repeat visitation from them.

“Janss Marketplace has, for almost 40 years, been the place where families go to shop, eat, work-out, watch movies, and spend special time together creating long-term memories. It is our hope that the addition of a new regional aquarium will give the community yet another reason to visit the center and spend quality time. The vision that Planet Aqua has for the site is perfect for the community of Thousand Oaks and the greater Conejo Valley, and we hope we can find a way to incorporate them into our project.”

Planet Aqua Group continues to look for sites in suburban malls throughout the United States that will attract ownership, city and community participation.


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