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New Polin Technologies Offer Light and Sound Experiences for Waterslides

Istanbul, Turkey (November 18, 2014) – Polin is pushing waterslide technology to the next level with its latest innovation. Now, its waterslide components boast the advantage of serving as passive speakers that naturally amplify sound through the entire tube in addition to offering the company’s unique, patented Natural Light Effects (NLE) technology.

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Due to a special, patented process that Polin employs during the manufacturing of its tunnel-type fiberglass waterslide components, the tubes create beautiful, natural designs inside them as riders pass through. The special lighting effect – which requires no electricity – occurs from the indoor lights or the sun’s rays shining through the slide’s fiberglass sides and interacting with the flow of water through the tubes. The results are harmonious, colorful designs that continually change and adapt depending on the angle and strength of the sunlight. Both riders inside the slides and viewers on the ground can enjoy the dynamic experience as lighting changes throughout the day. The light effects can be of any theme, stripes, dots, or any design.

Polin was the first – and continues to be the only – waterslide manufacturer that offers slide components created from resin transfer molding (RTM) technology that feature NLE technology. In 2007, Polin took the technology a step further by applying it to its Magic Shine waterslides.

Today, however, Polin has pushed the envelope even further by adding a new sound technology to complement its Natural Light Effects and Magic Shine.

With Polin’s new Natural Sound Effects technology, its waterslide modules essentially become giant speakers due to the company’s innovative incorporation of the sound effects into the systems. Also known as bass shakers, these devices transmit a low-frequency vibration onto a surface – in this case, Polin’s waterslide tubes – so that the vibrations turn into sound and can be heard by riders as they travel through the slide. Polin’s waterslide components are the perfect, natural conduit for delivering high-quality surround sound and require only 50-70 watts of power to run each transducer. In fact, Polin’s waterslide tubes offer almost perfect symmetry for delivering acoustics.

Those waterpark facilities with existing slides can easily take advantage of this new technology because integrating it does not require major changes to their slides. And, of course, the technology is exceptionally easy to incorporate into new slide construction.

The speakers can be used with a simple two-channel amplifier for a single zone. Or, if you want to add sound to multiple sections of a slide, you can add a multi-channel amplifier to induce that effect.

In addition, the system provides even greater options for creativity and innovation by allowing park operators to incorporate different sound effects or music in each, different zone.

In contrast to most waterslide manufacturers that add lighting effects to their slides, Polin’s lighting option does not require any electrical equipment. That means you have no additional investments, maintenance and operation requirements. Additionally, Polin’s system eliminates the costs and risks of electricity. Instead, Polin’s NLE system uses natural – and no cost – sunlight to power its lighting effects.

Similarly,those who take advantage of Polin’s NLE technology don’t have to worry about the additional lifetime costs of added components, such as electrical power lamps, LEDs or phosphorous paints. An NLE system has an infinite lifetime and requires no extra care.

Another benefit to Polin’s NLE system is its incorporation during the slide’s manufacture. That means that extra procedures required to install other manufacturers’ lighting systems – such as post drilling or cutting – are not required, eliminating the risk of structural damage to the waterslide.

Polin pioneered the advancement and application of the light RTM process in waterslide manufacturing. Using the name Magic Shine Slide Technology for this innovation, the company was the first Europeanwaterslide manufacturer to incorporate RTM technology in its waterslide production and is the only waterslide manufacturer in the world to produce the world’s largest waterslide components using RTM. The advantages of RTM include a uniform thickness, low emissions and the creation of two finished and perfectly shiny sides on every component. Because the parts are stronger and lighter than comparable products, they also are easier to install.

Since 2006, Polin has converted all of its annual fiberglass production to light RTM and offers its unique Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology and Special Pattern Effects (SPE) in RTM, as well as translucent slides. Polin holds the patent for NLE application on RTM waterslides.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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