Monday, March 27, 2023

Polin creates Tobomusik, which combines music and light effects for unique slide experience

Located 20 minutes from Fortaleza Airport in Aquiraz, Brazil, one of the largest water parks in Latin America, Beach Park, launched its newest attraction called Tobomusik on December 5. The Tobomusik is specially designed by Polin Waterparks with sound and light effects. Considered a moderate level of adrenaline water slide, the riders will travel a height of 13 meters (42.5 feet), with three different routes of approximately 114, 110 and 104 meters (374, 361 and 341 feet) in length, and covered in about 22 seconds. Each one of the tubes has different combinations of graphic cutouts, translucent and multicolored, which provide different visual sensations on each path. The descent takes place on a mat, face down.

The playlist was created by Brazilian DJ and music producer Alok. The fun starts in the tower that gives access to the toy, where a playlist created by the DJ, which added to a play of lights, transforming the access line into a large dance floor! The water slide is the first to unite music and visual effects in Latin America.

Photo courtesy of Polin Waterparks.

Murilo Pascoal, CEO of Beach Park says, “Innovation is part of Beach Park DNA! We are always looking for new and differentiated experiences for our visitors. Developing this toy in partnership with one of the greatest musicians in the Brazilian scene — and in the world — has been very special for us. Furthermore, being able to count on the support of Polin Waterparks, which managed to get this idea off the ground, is being amazing”.

Photo courtesy of Polin Waterparks.

Kubilay Alpdogan, General Manager of Polin Waterparks states, “Integrating technology, gaming and interactivity into waterpark attractions, create distinctive water attractions and attract a wider audience of guests to waterparks. We always take into account the current trends of our industry, fulfill the wishes of our customers and focus on providing unique experiences. That’s why we believe Tobomusik will create an experience that fulfills the full range of sensory stimuli for waterpark guests.”

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