Wednesday, April 14, 2021

ProSlide Introduces World Premiere of New Hybrid Raft Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia

Ottawa, ON, Canada — ProSlide’s  new product for the fall is yet another Hybrid ride, a BehemothBOWL 40 + TornadoWAVE that opened at Six Flags Over Georgia in June. It’s a world’s first.

BehemothBOWL 40 + TornadoWAVE
Ride experience. Thrill-seekers on 4-person rafts barrel through twisting tunnels before shooting out into the huge bowl, high on the wall for maximum thrills. As they slow slightly through the revolution, riders gather their courage. Something’s coming and it’s going to be wild! Suddenly, the raft is sucked through the vortex of the bowl at triple speed and through a stomach-dropping chute, driving back and forth inside the flume, then into the slot for maximum thrills! Rafts plunge at a 45º angle onto the TornadoWAVE wall. A nail-biting zero-gravity moment as they make a wide, sweep across the wall. Then slide through the narrow exit, another curve and into the pool.

H_BB40+TNWave_SFOG_Tsunami Surge_HH (2)
Exclusive technology. Through deep design expertise, the widest range of fiberglass profiles and the completely predictable ride path of each component ride, ProSlide can create thrilling, safe and efficient hybrid ride combinations. TORNADO’s patented funnel shape is engineered to drive rafts further up the walls, delivering unparalleled excitement in maximum safety. Water injection systems ensure each raft exits consistently to maintain highest capacities. In the BehemothBOWL, the shape creates an electrifying ride, while CLOVERleaf tubes and CorkScrew exits ensure consistently high capacities.

Iconic water ride. ProSlide hybrid water rides let you offer a truly unique and exhilarating anchor attraction.  The showpiece attraction at Six Flags over Georgia’s multi-million dollar Hurricane Harbor waterpark addition, ProSlide’s BehemothBOWL 40 + TornadoWAVE custom water slide creates excitement from every corner of the park. ProSlide expertly integrated this big water slide into the new construction, leveraging a hill to reduce the cost of steel and maximize sight lines and wow factor. The 4-person rafts and 20-second dispatch rate possible through a double inline loading tub lets capacities reach ~720 riders an hour.

H_BB40+TNWave_SFOG (26e)

Guest Capacity

~ Hourly Ride Capacity 720 360
Dispatch Rate 20 seconds 20 seconds

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