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Ride Entertainment Brings Funtime’s Slingshot to Canada’s Wonderland and Carowinds

Stevensville, MD, USA (July 7, 2015) — Guests at Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughn, Ontario, Canada) and Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.) were sent skyward in 2015.  Both parks opened 60-meter Slingshots that shoot guests nearly 90 meters (295 feet) in the air.

The Slingshots were manufactured by Funtime of Austria.  The contracts were negotiated by Ride Entertainment and installation was done by a team of combined experts from Funtime, Ride Entertainment and the respective parks.

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“[The Slingshot] was a smooth installation and was well-received by our guests,” said Norm Pirtovshek, Vice President and General Manager of Canada’s Wonderland.

“Carowinds and Canada’s Wonderland have both been great partners for us,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment.  “The Slingshots have quickly become icons at both properties.  The ridership has been terrific, and the parks provided great viewing locations for those who don’t (yet) have the courage to try it for themselves, so they can watch Slingshot riders get sent skyward,” he noted.


Mike Fehnel, Carowinds’ Vice President and General Manager, said, “The Slingshot has been a great addition to Carowinds. The ride is thrilling and intense, yet offers a 48-inch height requirement. This allows a broad audience to experience the attraction. The response from our guests has been overwhelmingly positive, and revenues have been impressive.”

Because of their high thrill, the Slingshots are upcharge attractions at both properties.

Quick stats:

  • –Static Height: 60 meters (196 feet)
  • –Dynamic Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
  • –Speed: 97 km/h (60 mph)
  • –Instant Capacity: 2
  • –Colors: Blue, Yellow and Green

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