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Jersey City’s RPM Raceway reopens with longer electric go-kart track

New Jersey-based land use consultancy Dresdner Robin announced the completion of survey work for the newly reopened RPM Raceway MegaTrack in Jersey City. The redeveloped track is currently the “World’s Longest” indoor electric go-kart racing experience, coming in at 2,200 feet with a 72-second lap time. The two tracks are part of a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Jersey City location.

“We build tracks all over the country, but of all the tracks we’ve done, we haven’t had one go together as smoothly as RPM Raceway in Jersey City,” said Grant Thurman, project lead for G5 Construction, the firm that built the track. “Most often than not, we usually have to adjust our engineering and construction due to inaccurate surveying. That was not the case this time, thanks to Dresdner Robin’s precision and attention to detail.”

Dresdner Robin’s survey work included a 3D laser scan of the facility followed by the creation of a rendering that was developed using digital three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD). The firm’s use of technology allowed for the precise placement of the track bolts, which secured the track structure. The team navigated several obstacles, including oddly placed HVAC units, entrances and more.

“We are proud to have contributed to such a great piece of Jersey City’s recreation industry,” said Greg Gloor, senior associate and director of survey for Dresdner Robin. “This project was a challenge to complete due to the hundreds of bolts that needed to be perfectly placed for the track to be built safely. There was no room for error, and our work reflected that accuracy.”

The newly designed track consists of three levels of vertical elevation, straightaways, 90-degree hairpin turns and spiraling ramps. They are lined with LED racing halos for better visibility and will be serviced by an all-new fleet of OTL Italian electric adult and junior karts. The latest technologies in electric kart racing, the OTL go-karts include digital dashboards, paddle shifters and speed boost capabilities.

“With the unveiling of our MegaTrack in Jersey City, guests can experience the future of indoor electric go-kart racing firsthand,” said Eyal Farage, CEO and co-owner of RPM Raceway. “We look forward to further improving our existing tracks and opening new RPM Raceway locations in the near future.”

Located just two miles from Manhattan, RPM Raceway also features an arcade with a redemption counter. The RPM Bar & Grill with 360-degree views of the racetrack is in development and slated to open later in 2023.

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