Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Scruffy Dog Brings Ghostbusters from Concept to Reality at Heide Park

As part of Heide Park Resort’s 2017 offering, Scruffy Dog was tasked with aiding in the creation, design and theming delivery of a new attraction based on the Ghostbusters franchise, alongside Merlin Entertainments & Triotech.

Studying the unique visual styles and architecture of the Ghostbusters franchise was something Scruffy Dog’s team worked heavily on with Merlin Magic Making in the early stages of the project. Blending various wooden styles, vibrant paint finishes and weird and wonderful ‘invention-like’ theming, they were able to quickly establish a vision for the new land.

The main attraction itself is a completely different experience from a typical dark ride. Ghostbusters 5D – ‘The Ultimate Ghost Hunt’ is a fully reactive, highly immersive and interactive 5 dimensional adventure. Every splat and blast is felt as the proton blasters and vehicles respond to everything around them.

The premise is to team up with the Ghostbusters and help save Heide Park. As a Ghostbusters recruit, it is the guest’s job to tackle the mysterious warehouse full of ghosts and save the day. Equipped with multiple proton blaster choices, guests take a high speed journey through the warehouse in the Ecto-x Hybrid vehicles, searching for ghosts to capture and secrets to uncover, all while being transported through time and space on the “ultimate ghost hunting adventure”.

“I am happy that with Ghostbusters 5D, we are able to offer the third family adventure in a row and the first indoor attraction of Heide Park to our guests. The complex technology was a special challenge for the entire team. So the positive response is all the more welcome” says Sabrina de Carvalho, Divisional Director of Heide Park Resort. In the new shop, numerous merchandise items around the Ghostbusters are available as individual reminder items to take home. At Heide Park Abenteuerhotel, up to six people can also check into one of four new Ghostbusters rooms, where short break guests will find the right equipment for their next mission as a ghost hunter.

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