Sunday, April 18, 2021

SG Studios Delivers Optimus Prime and Batman Sculptures to Shanghai

Roseville, CA, USA — SG Studios, a full service fabrication studio, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of Optimus Prime and Batman figures with accompanying scenery to Shanghai, China, where they will be featured in an international traveling exhibition.  The Optimus Prime sculpture measures 14′ tall, 16′ wide, and 8′ deep, while the Batman sculpture is 12′ tall 8′ wide, and 6′ deep.  Extensive research in color, texture, and background elements having been fully integrated into the final product.

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Scenic elements, such as the integrated fencing, are designed to both add a decorative aspect and deter visitors from climbing on the sculptures.  Each sculpture was completed in a fire rated sculpted epoxy. Internal rebar frames allows both to be easily separated into smaller component parts for transport and simple reassemble at the next location.

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