Thursday, May 6, 2021

SimEx-Iwerks Builds the Ultimate Treehouse for Bronx Zoo


SimEx-Iwerks is expanding its attractions portfolio to include a nature-based climbing experience—Nature Trek.  This fully netted adventure is fun for all ages and fitness levels—with no harness required.

“We find that guests want more immersive experiences to create memorable moments. This attraction allows guests to uniquely connect with the outdoors in a highly engaging and interactive way,” says Mark Cornell, Senior Vice President, Attractions Development at SimEx-Iwerks.

Created with a series of towers and rope bridges, Nature Trek is custom designed for outdoor or indoor space – on ground, over water and even across animal exhibits.

The attraction design incorporates the use of existing trees. Primary building materials are made from Black Locust, a sustainable hardwood tree farmed in the northeast.

“This is a great addition to the Zoo—we find that everyone enjoys it—from young children to grandparents!” said Niko Radjenovic, Vice President, Business Services at the Wildlife Conservation Society, owner of the Bronx Zoo. “As soon as they exit the course, they want to do it again and again.”

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