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Six Flags Announces 2016 Attractions

[tab title=”Six Flags St. Louis – Fireball”]gallery_keyart_sfsl

Six Flags St. Louis, the “Coaster Capital of Missouri,” will heat things up in 2016 with the new Fireball. This looping thrill ride will give guests a pure adrenaline rush as they go forward, backward and upside down.

Fireball features a single loop that riders will travel back and forth in, pendulum style, as they build up speed to soar head over heels. Seated back to back, guests will rocket through a series of 360° revolutions stopping upside down for some insane hang time before reversing directions.

“This high-thrill attraction combines suspense and anticipation, and will be a hit with teens and families alike” said Dave Roemer, park president. “With the forward and backward motion as well as the inverted hang-time, Fireball will deliver the kind of intense thrills our guests have come to expect from Six Flags St. Louis.”

  • –7 stories tall;
  • –24 seats in unique “face-off” design, with guests seated back to back and face to face
  • –360 degree revolutions;
  • –Inverted hang time with riders suspended upside down.

This new thriller will be located in the Illinois section of the park where the Rush Street Flyer currently sits. Fireball is set to open late spring 2016.

[tab title=”Six Flags America – Splashwater Falls”]splashwater_falls_2

Six Flags America, the region’s largest theme park, announced the addition of Splashwater Falls in spring 2016.  The giant new interactive water playground will feature dozens of slides, nets, sprays, geysers and thrills for the whole family to enjoy. To top off the fun a super-sized, tipping bucket atop the huge play structure will dump water on guests throughout the day.

Parents can relax on a freeform deck surrounding Splashwater Falls complete with new lounge chairs and umbrellas. The little ones will enjoy exploring a variety of water play platforms, fountains, jets and water curtains, plus open and enclosed slides keeping everyone cool in the hot Maryland summer.

“Our guests recognize Six Flags America as a favorite destination for having fun with friends and family, and our Hurricane Harbor water park is the perfect place to play and beat the heat,” said Rick Howarth, park president. “The addition of Splashwater Falls demonstrates our commitment to giving guests something new to experience every year.”

Splashwater Falls will complement the variety of experiences for the whole family including thrilling attractions like Tornado, a six-story funnel of fun; Bonzai Pipelines, the high altitude drop slide, Castaway Creek lazy river and the largest wave pool in the region. With the addition of this new attraction, Hurricane Harbor will keep its place as the favorite summer destination for families from Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and beyond to cool off.

[tab title=”White Water – Wahoo Racer”]HHAR 2014 Wahoo Racer Photos

Recently named one of the Top 10 Amusement and Water Parks in the country, Six Flags White Water is off to the races in 2016 with the addition of the all-new Wahoo Racer. The thrilling multi-lane water slide complex will be the largest in the world and add to the park’s impressive line-up of more than 50 slides and attractions at the South’s Most Thrilling Water Park.

“This new massive water slide complex will provide our guests the chance to challenge friends and family members for the ultimate crown of Wahoo Racer champion,” said Six Flags Atlanta Properties Park President Dale Kaetzel. “Our new slide complex continues our commitment of providing Six Flags White Water guests with the best water park in the Southeast.”

The two-tiered mat slider will send racers through an intense, snake-like stretch of multi-colored tubes and then into track-like style sprinting lanes and will feature:

  • –A tower standing nearly 60-feet and easily visible from Interstate 75 where the park is located;
  • –Speeds of up to 40 feet per second; and
  • –Six aero-dynamic designed water toboggans for the ultimate competing thrill.[/tab]

[tab title=”Six Flags Over Georgia – Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends”]SFOG super Friends KA

Thrilling family fun is in the works, as Six Flags Over Georgia announced the all-new DC SUPER FRIENDS themed area and the all-new Bugs Bunny Boomtown for the 2016 season. The two new areas will feature 12 rides and attractions, in what will become the perfect family destination spot within the Thrill Capital of the South.

“These two new sections of the park will offer families hours and hours of fun with attractions mom, dad and the kids can experience together,” said Park President Dale Kaetzel. “This latest expansion continues our multi-year plan to provide thrills for guests of all ages and includes the addition of Hurricane Harbor in 2014, two new devious rides in Gotham City in 2015 and other additions planned for the future.”

The original Dolphin Show area, which has remained at the park since the 1990’s, will be transformed into the epicenter for the all-new DC Super Friends kids’ area and will feature 5 new attractions, including:

  • –Superman Tower of Power, which releases the dare devil in the bravest of souls throughout this 65-foot tall bouncing thrill ride;
  • –The Batcopters, an opportunity to help save the City of Gotham by flying high in the sky;
  • –Wonder Woman Flight School, where pilots can take flight and control their own invisible jet;
  • –Harley Quinn Mirror Maze, filled with disproportioned mirrors and devious stares; and
  • –The Joker Funhouse Coaster, the ultimate family thrill ride to show no fear and conquer the Super-Villain through 900 feet of track at 30 miles per hour.

SIx Flags Over Texas

The park’s current children’s area, Bugs Bunny World, will be re-themed to Bugs Bunny Boomtown and feature seven attractions, including:

  • –Daffy Ducks Bucket Blasters, a wild and crazy family water battle;
  • –Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats, where guests will be screaming “Andale Andale” on six speed boats;
  • –Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure, a chance to fly through the air on a junior sea-worthy quest;
  • –Yosemite Sam’s Wacky Wagons, an old western spin on a junior ferris wheel perfect for junior cowpokes;
  • –Looney Tunes Adventure Camp, an interactive playground with Bugs Bunny and all the Looney Tunes characters;
  • –Acme Trucking Company, a monster truck driving voyage to help Wile E. Coyote try to capture the Road Runner; and
  • –Tweety’s Tweehouse, a 20-foot up and down journey into the little chirping bird’s nest.

Bugs Bunny Boomtown is scheduled to open for the 2016 season in early spring and the DC Super Friends themed area is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend.

[tab title=”Six Flags Great America – Battle for Metropolis”]jlbfm-ka

Six Flags Great America — in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment — has announced the next generation of interactive thrills with the debut of an all-new 4D interactive thrill ride, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis. This amazing thrill ride was named by USA Today readers as one of the Top Ten New Amusement Park Attractions of the year and was most recently awarded Best New Attraction by Theme Park Insider.

Slated to open at Six Flags Great America in 2016, guests will become members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team, and engage in a full-sensory journey as they battle alongside BATMAN, SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN and GREEN LANTERN against Lex Luthor, The Joker and his henchmen. Traveling in six-passenger vehicles, riders must outsmart Lex Luthor and The Joker and save the city of Metropolis.

“Introducing an attraction that combines this level of technology and the iconic DC Comics characters will bring an unmatched, interactive experience to our guests in 2016,” stated Hank Salemi, park president. “The addition of JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is another example of our park’s commitment to delivering new and innovative thrills every year.”

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis will feature:

  • –A 22,000 square foot HALL OF JUSTICE to house this full-sensory thrill ride;
  • –A 4D ride experience with wind, fire, mist and fog effects, plus life-like animatronic characters;
  • –A dramatic fight as the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team travels through laughing gas and flames in 10 high-intensity scenes;
  • –One of the first-ever virtual loops, giving riders the feeling of going head over heels;
  • –High definition 3D animation that fully immerses riders into the city of Metropolis;
  • –State-of-the-art gaming elements;
  • –6-passenger vehicles with multi-degrees-of-freedom to transport riders through all the exciting twists and turns without limitations.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis is scheduled to open to the public at Six Flags Great America in the spring of 2016.

[tab title=”Six Flags Mexico – Battle for Metropolis”]DCIM100GOPROG0141166.

Six Flags México, parque tématico de clase mundial en sociedad con Warner Bros Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, anunciaron el la nueva generación de juegos interactivos en México, la totalmente nueva  atracción interactiva en 4D  JUATICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS este 2016.

Los visitantes podrán ser parte del equipo de apoyo de la LIGA DE LA JUSTICIA , serán parte de un viaje completamente sensorial mientras pelean junto con BATMAN, SUPERMAN, LA MUJER MARAVILLA, Y LINTERNA VERDE en contra de Lex Luthor, el Joker y sus secuaces. El recorrido es través de vehículos para seis pasajeros, en donde tendrán que ser más astutos  que Lex Luthor y Joker para cumplir su misión: salvar la ciudad de Metrópolis.

“El día de hoy estamos presentando una de las atracciones más emocionantes, con la más avanzada tecnología en combinación con los personajes icónicos de DC Comics, en el 2016 los visitante de Six Flags México tendrán una experiencia interactiva nunca antes vista en México” comentó Les Hudson, VP de Diseño y Mantenimiento de Six Flags. “La adición de la JUATICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS es otro ejemplo del compromiso de nuestra compañía en ofrecer cada año a nuestros visitantes nuevas, innovadoras  y emocionantes experiencias en cada parque.” puntualizó.

Ha sido nombrada como la mejor atracción por Theme Park Insider y elegida como una de las diez mejores nuevas atracciones de Parques de Entretenimiento  por los lectores del USA Today y 10 Best.


  • –Una fila de espera y área de carga interactiva donde los visitantes recibirán las instrucciones, los lentes 3D y el arma  para detener  a los villanos.
  • –Una dramática pelea en el que como parte del equipo de reserva de la LIGA DE LA JUSTICIA los pasajeros se adentrarán en un recorrido de 10 escenas, para sortear el gas de la risa y flamas.
  • –Una Conexión de nuevas tecnologías que pondrán a los visitantes en el centro de esta batalla interactiva.
  • –Animación 3D en alta definición que te adentra completamente en la ciudad de Metropolis.
  • –Elementos de video juegos de última tecnología.
  • –Vehículos de 6 pasajeros que llevarán a los visitantes a través de giros sorprendentes y vueltas sin límites.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS abrirá al público en Six Flags México en el 2016.

[tab title=”Six Flags Magic Mountain – The New Revolution”]PSD SFMM The New Revolution KA

Six Flags Magic Mountain, the “Thrill Capital of the World,” and voted by USA TODAY readers as America’s Best Theme Park, has unveiled plans for 2016 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the world’s first 360-degree looping coaster. The New Revolution, featuring newly designed trains, special ride effects and a new look, will highlight the Valencia theme parks’ 45th operating season.

The New Revolution, the beloved steel roller coaster that has thrilled over 45 million guests in its 40-year reign at the park, will be repainted a brilliant white and blue color, while newly designed trains will be fitted with lap and calf bars, and feature Americana red, white and blue colors with a silver eagle hood adornment. For coaster fans, the elimination of shoulder harnesses will provide a smoother, sleeker ride experience with more airtime.

“We are thrilled that one of our signature coasters is getting the innovative ride updates that Six Flags is known for. With the new trains and beautiful paint colors, The New Revolution is certain to be around for many more generations of coaster fans to enjoy,” said park president Bonnie Weber.

With its new trains and makeover, The New Revolution will also feature:

  • –The world’s first giant loop – 90 feet high and 45 feet in diameter;
  • –Fast and furious dips and dives, built into the park’s lush hillsides;
  • –Speeds of 55 mph;
  • –Two minutes of thrills on 3,457 feet of track.

The original Revolution steel coaster opened on May 8, 1976 as the Great American Revolution, in honor of the country’s bicentennial celebration. Its farewell run will occur on September 7, 2015 after which the transformation will begin.

[tab title=”The Great Escape – Greezed Lightnin'”]SFGE Greezed Lightnin Key Art

Six Flags Great Escape announced the addition of the hair-raising Greezed Lightnin’ in 2016. The all-new super looping thrill ride will rocket guests 360 degrees, reach exhilarating speeds and leave them hanging, waiting for more.

Greezed Lightnin’ will seat 24 riders in “face-off” position and begin to rock forward and backward, pendulum style. Once the train reaches maximum height, guests experience one of the longest suspended hang-times – over 70 feet in the air, upside down. Thrill seekers are then hurled through a series of seven full inversions, both frontward and backward, offering sheer looping mayhem.

The new attraction will be located across from Thunder Alley in one of the most historic and visible sections of the park. Greezed Lightnin’s impressive lights and flames will transport guests back in time with its 1950’s theme and hot rod inspiration.

“From high speeds, to suspenseful hang time and countless inversions, Greezed Lightnin’ will rev up the engine of every thrill seeker,” said Eric Gilbert, park president, Six Flags Great Escape Resort. “We are also excited that the ride will have a flashy 50’s theme to ‘recharge’ this historic section of our park.”

[tab title=”Six Flags Over Texas – Harley Quinn Spinsanity/The Riddler Revenge/Catwoman Whip”]Kennywood Amusement Park

Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, have announced plans for an expansion to the GOTHAM CITY section of the park that will include three new rides in 2016. The area will become the ultimate battle of BATMAN versus the Rogue’s Gallery of Super-Villains with the opening of The Riddler Revenge, Catwoman Whip, and Harley Quinn Spinsanity. These exhilarating rides will stand alongside MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast giving guests an epic dose of villainous coasters after enjoying BATMAN The Ride in this portion of the park.

“We are excited to offer our guests these premium attractions, thanks to our partnership with the popular DC Comics brand,” said Steve Martindale, Six Flags Over Texas park president. “These rides are an excellent addition to our already impressive line-up and the expansion of Gotham City will offer a uniquely villainous experience.”

The Riddler Revenge, Catwoman Whip, and Harely Quinn Spinsanity will taunt and beckon guests as they make their way through Gotham City. Characteristic of The Riddler’s flamboyant and unpredictable style, the intriguing and oversized pendulum shaped ride — The Riddler Revenge — will send guests on a dizzying journey by swinging them back and forth while rotating counterclockwise. The ride will propel 40 riders at speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour higher and higher until they experience a feeling of weightlessness at 147 feet in the air. On Catwoman Whip, 48 riders, sitting in rows of two, will spin and tilt in a circular motion, building up speed as the ride whips around, mimicking its namesake. Harley Quinn Spinsanity will have riders spinning, twisting and swirling around and around in a thrilling and classic ride experience for the entire family.

The Super-Villains are set to make their presence felt in Gotham City in the spring of 2016.

[tab title=”La Ronde – Le Vampire Backwards/Avenue Aventure”]La Ronde-Adrenaline and Adventure at La Ronde in 2016!

La Ronde, Quebec’s leading destination for thrills and family entertainment, is set to bring guests exciting new adventures in 2016. The park is flipping the iconic Vampire backwards and adding two rides in an all-new section of the Park called Avenue Aventure.

Fans from around the world come every year to experience Vampire, the park’s very own exciting bat-inspired inverted roller coaster. Next season, the journey will begin with a 32 meter climb to the top of the lift hill.  Next, riders will soar beneath the track through five daunting inversions turning at speeds of up to 80 km/h per hour….backwards. Yes Backwards!

Avenue Aventure makes its park debut in 2016, providing fun and thrills for the entire family. The area will feature two new innovative rides. Phoenix, a flying scooter ride that puts guests in control as they soar against the wind and Gravitor, a fun adventure that lifts guests high above the ground as they turn around and around in an ocean of lights and sounds for a real dance party in the sky!

With family-packed fun, other highlights include:


  • –8 flying scooters
  • –2 passengers per scooter
  • –High speed rotation
  • –Interactive flying that appeals to all ages


  • –8 suspended gondolas
  • –2 passengers per gondola
  • –1 Joystick per 2 seats for 360 degree gondola rotation
  • –1500 lights on seats, arms and main column

“The 2016 season at La Ronde will provide guests with new reasons to visit again and again” said Phil Liggett, president of La Ronde. “Avenue Aventure is the perfect complement to our exciting lineup of rides and attractions and Vampire backwards will take thrills to a new level.”

[tab title=”Six Flags New England – Fireball/SUPERMAN The Ride”]SFNE 2016 Fireball Key Art

Six Flags New England, the “Coaster Capital of New England,” announced plans to add a giant looping roller coaster to its already impressive lineup of thrills. The Fireball will offer the ultimate in adrenaline and thrills as the theme park continues to introduce the latest in ride technology for its guests in New England.

“We take great pride in creating incredible, one-of-a-kind ride experiences for our guests here at Six Flags New England,” said John Winkler, Park President. “Every year, we are excited to offer something new for our guests and this year is no exception. Our team is beyond thrilled to introduce our 12th coaster Fireball, opening in spring 2016.”

Fireball adds a unique ride experience to Six Flags New England featuring:

  • –An exciting looping coaster seating 24 passengers in face-to-face positions;
  • –A pendulum style takeoff with multiple 360⁰ revolutions;
  • –An additional 360⁰ revolution when the train reverses mid-course;
  • –Heights of over seven-stories tall;
  • –An approximate two-minute ride time.

The giant, looping coaster will be located in the Rockville area of the park. Fireball is expected to open in late spring of 2016, and riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

SFNE Superman the Ride Key Art

The park is also thrilled to announce a change to the iconic steel coaster BIZARRO. The ride will be relaunched as SUPERMAN the Ride in spring 2016 and BIZARRO will be overwhelmed by his powerful arch nemesis, SUPERAN. The iconic coaster has been named Best Roller Coaster by the 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel by USA TODAY in 2015 and is the winner of five Golden Ticket Awards. To create an even better ride experience SUPERMAN the Ride, will offer superhero music and theming throughout this epic coaster. Riders will feel like SUPERMAN as they climb over 20 stories in to the air and race down like a speeding bullet at 77 miles per hour. Guests will also experience twists, turns and weightlessness along the coaster’s one mile of track. Thrill-seekers will not want to miss this heroic coaster as SUPERMAN regains his title at the Coaster Capital of New England.

[tab title=”Six Flags Great Adventure – Total Mayhem 4D”]total_mayhem_1

Six Flags Great Adventure will dominate as the “king of chaos” in 2016 when the world’s largest theme park debuts the 14th and most unique scream machine in its history, Total Mayhem.

After being lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, this 4-D, free-fly coaster will wreak havoc as riders flip head-over-heels at least six times along the weightless journey. Thrill seekers will experience exhilarating leaps and dives along a horizontal plane, along with unexpected drops as they tumble from one level to the next. The wing seats amp up the pandemonium since riders will experience all of this chaos with no track above or below – just the sky, ground and adjacent Great Lake churning around them.

“We are thrilled to unveil one of the newest concepts in roller coaster engineering with Total Mayhem,” said Park President John Fitzgerald. “Six Flags Great Adventure’s world-renowned coaster collection will expand into the realm of insanity – or spinsanity – with this new, vertical coaster that delivers gravity-defying somersaults with utter unpredictability. It is the perfect addition to our dynamic line-up of award-winning roller coasters because this ride delivers next generation, cutting-edge thrills.”

The unique design of Total Mayhem features:

  • –Massive, imposing, floating and twisting I-box track frame in a unique two-tone design
  • –One-of-a-kind onboard magnetic technology featuring smooth head-over-heels free-fly flips providing guests the feeling of weightlessness as they soar outside the confines of a traditional track
  • –4-D wing vehicles that seat up to 8 per vehicle with a total of 5 vehicles
  • –Face-off seats that allow riders to face each other as they tumble head over heels
  • –A 120-foot-tall, 90-degree hill that is ascended by an elevator-style, chain link lift
  • –Two beyond 90-degree “raven” drops giving the sensation of free-falling

Total Mayhem is expected to ensue spring 2016, and joins the ranks of legendary roller coasters like El Toro, Kingda Ka, Nitro and 2015’s El Diablo.

[tab title=”Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Fireball/Hurricane Force 5/Spinsanity”]SFFT Fireball Force 5 Spinsanity KA

Prepare for sensory overload as three new mind-bending rides anchor an exciting new Fiesta Bay Boardwalk in 2016 at the “Thrill Capital of South Texas,” Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Guests will find themselves looping, spinning, and soaring as they experience the new high-adrenaline thrills on Fireball, featuring a massive 7-story looping frenzy; Hurricane Force 5, where riders take on the power of a storm and swirl round-and-round while soaring high into the air; and Spinsanity, the ultimate whirling adventure for daredevil riders.

“The entire Fiesta Bay Boardwalk area at Fiesta Texas will undergo a spectacular transformation in 2016. The three incredible new attractions will bring completely new types of thrills for our guests, as will our new culinary and interactive games offerings,” said Park President Neal Thurman. “The new Boardwalk will have all the excitement and ambiance of a favorite seaside getaway.”

Headlining the 2016 roster of thrills is a Texas-original, Fireball. With its unique seating pattern, Fireball will deliver an unanticipated weightless swirling action as guests encounter:

  • A “face-off” with 24 riders seated face-to-face to begin their journey;
  • The thrill of being rocketed both forward and backward, through a bedlam of loops;
  • Being suspended upside down 72 feet in the air.

Another distinct offering in this new trio of thrills – Hurricane Force 5 will rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise with guests sitting on motorcycle-like seats facing outward. This giant 24-passenger hurricane-shaped disc will arc from side to side on an almost 5-story high half-pipe track while rotating at 14 revolutions per minute. This innovative attraction is a first-of-its-kind in the state.

A third new attraction, Spinsanity, will send riders spinning, twisting and rolling through a cycle of classic, thrilling fun. This modern adaptation of a traditional Tilt-A-Whirl will provide more panoramic, unobstructed views and will be unveiled the same year as the 90th Anniversary of the original boardwalk favorite.

In addition to these three new thrill rides, the entire Boardwalk area will receive additional guest amenities, including new, brighter facades for all current Boardwalk offerings; new food and games locations; and refreshed wooden planking underfoot throughout.

[tab title=”Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – The Joker”]1172804

In Spring 2016, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will open one of the most-anticipated new roller coasters in northern California in over 10 years, The Joker. This state-of-the-art extreme coaster will be the “must ride” coaster of the season, adding to the park’s status as Northern California’s “most thrilling theme park.”

“The Joker will be the most talked about new coaster in 2016,” said Don McCoy, park president. We are excited to introduce this innovative technology that marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs to offer our guests an unparalleled and unique experience.”

The Joker ride is the second DC Comics-themed attraction at the park after SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight opened in 2012 and the villainous character’s personality is evident in the coaster’s chaotic twists and turns including a first ever “step-up-under-flip inverted roll” that takes riders horizontal. The Joker ride also features the ultimate “fake-out” with a unique breaking wave turn, the only one of its kind on the West Coast.

Additional highlights of The Joker include:

  • –3,200 feet of dual-colored purple and green track;
  • –A wild Zero G barrel roll;
  • –3 inversions;
  • –15 extreme airtime moments; and
  • –Maximum speeds of 53 mph.

The Joker ride is being transformed from what was the park’s iconic and traditional wooden coaster Roar which closed on August 16, 2015.  The Joker ride is scheduled to open in Spring 2016. For


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