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Sochi Olympic Mascots Return to Russia to Prepare for 2014 Winter Games

857959_10151307112848861_1608546106_oMoscow, Russia (March 19, 2013) /PRWEB/ — An exhibit with the Sochi 2014 Olympic mascots – Polar Bear, Hare and Leopard, has been installed in Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. The mascots arrived in Moscow from London, where they had graced the center of the British capital in Hyde Park on Marble Arch throughout the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The Sochi 2014 mascots will remain in Moscow until next January, and then in February 2014 they will move to the Olympic Park in Sochi.

Polar Bear, Hare and Leopard began their travels in July 2012 when they went to the Games in London. The Sochi 2014 mascots were seen by thousands of Londoners and visitors to the Olympic city over the three weeks of the competition. The Sochi mascots will stay in Moscow right up to January 2014, and shortly before the Olympic Games (February 2014) they will move to Sochi to be installed in the Olympic Park until the end of the Games.

The appearance of the three Olympic mascots on Manezhnaya Square is likely to attract attention as the installation is approximately 10 meters long and 4 meters high. The bright Sochi 2014 mascots will provide a pleasant surprise for Muscovites and visitors alike. The Sochi 2014 mascots were selected through a live national vote in the Russian National mascot competition on Channel One Russia in 2010.

The Russian National mascot competition for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2014 in Sochi was held between 1 September and 5 December 2010. During the competition, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee received 24,048 works. The shortlist consisted of 11 mascots: Hare, Dolphin, Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Bullfinch, Leopard, Snowflake, Sun, Small Person, Father Frost and Matryoshka. The final images of the candidates, after they were “brought alive” by animators, were presented February 7, 2011. Over 1.4 million people took part in the final voting, which took place live on Channel One Russia. In its own way it was an “Olympic” record, the first time such a large number of people had voted in a live television show. More information about the contest and the mascots can be found at

Sochi 2014 mascots


The Leopard, who is a rescuer and mountaineer, lives in the crown of a huge tree which grows on the highest cliff in the snowy mountains of the Caucasus. He is always ready to come to the help of others and more than once he has saved the nearby village from avalanches. The Leopard is an excellent snowboarder, and has taught this sport to all his friends and neighbors. The Leopard has a pleasant disposition; he cannot live alone and he really loves to dance.


The busiest creature in the winter forest. Her friends are always amazed: just how does she find the time to do so much! For the little doe hare not only studies at the Forest Academy (where she gets excellent grades) and helps her Mum in the family restaurant, “The Forest Dam”, but also takes part in all manner of sporting events. The Hare trusts her friends so much that she doesn’t have any secrets: she simply loves sport. And she also loves to sing and dance.

Polar Bear

Beyond the Arctic Circle on a shelf of ice there lives a polar bear. In his home, everything is made out of ice and snow: his snow shower, his bed, his computer and even his weight-lifting equipment. The Polar Bear was raised by arctic explorers from an early age. It was they who taught him skiing, speed-skating and curling. But above all the polar bear enjoyed riding sports sleighs. He has become a real luger and bobsledder, and his friends, the seals and sea lions, watch his victories with pleasure. Right now they are setting up competitions in these sports, and during the long polar night there is no time to get bored!

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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