Saturday, March 25, 2023

Spacetoon Event brings ZAG’s Miraculous™ to MENA

On August 3, 2022 is was announced that Spacetoon Event has partnered with animation studio ZAG to bring a new family entertainment experiences for the company’s brand, Miraculous™ – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, to MENA, through themed events, live shows, Meet & Greets, and more.  The announcement was made by Julian Zag, EVP, Global Operations and Head of Consumer Products.

The partnership kicked-off with a new and immersive live adventure at Summer Toy Festival, in Jeddah. The Miraculous activation corner contained many interactive activities inspired by the world of Miraculous for fans, including Miraculous video games, drawing and coloring the beloved characters, playing with Miraculous dolls, and creating their own handmade superhero Miraculous masks.

Ahmad Weiss, General Manager of Spacetoon Event, stated, “It is one of the most exciting moments for us to work on turning the world of Miraculous into an on-ground experience for kids to enjoy.”

“This is a perfect time for our trusted partner Spacetoon Event to deliver a range of fun and exciting events across the region.” commented Carlotta Caracciolo, VP, Middle East and Africa, who reports to Julian Zag

“With season five of Miraculous set to debut this fall and the US$100+ million animated movies to follow shortly thereafter, we anticipate even more demand from fans to find new ways to enjoy their favorite superheroes,”

The aspirational animated series Miraculous is one of the most popular series in the MENA region, featuring everyday teens Marinette and Adrien whose magical powers transform them into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, ready to defend their city against evil villains. Kids and their families relate to the relationship dynamics, secret identities, and intriguing villains, and the diverse cast of characters that keep them guessing and anxiously wanting more.  The characters are engaging, likeable, and admirable, but most importantly relatable, as family and friendships are always an important part of the storylines.  Miraculous inspires kids to discover themselves through the stories and to recognize the hero in themselves.

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