Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Spongebob and Friends Spend Summer at Tusenfryd

[quote]We are proud to offer Norwegian families the opportunity to become better acquainted with some of their favorite characters from Nickelodeon.” — Gerlad Raines, Development, Nickelodeon[/quote]

Vinterbro, Norway — Tusenfryd has partnered with one of the leading players in the international entertainment industry for children: Nickelodeon. Together, they’re introducing some of Nickelodeon’s favorite characters in the park, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrik Star. Daily from May 31, guests can meet the characters and see the family show “Tales from Bikini Bottom.”

“Well-known characters like SpongeBob and Patrik Star are very popular TV characters famous among the younger guests. Therefore, Tusenfryd is pleased to expand our park too with these stars,” says Marketing Manager at TusenFryd, Erik Andersen Røhne. “Increased commitment towards younger children strengthens our position as the largest family park in eastern Norway.”

“While characters from the parent generation’s childhood evokes good and nostalgic memories, we now have the opportunity to be an amusement park that increasingly make their children’s existing universe welcome. The children know well SpongeBob and Patrik Star from the award-winning television shows and games. This summer they can meet the characters live,” says Andersen.


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